Friday, November 13, 2015

A room full of cars with big pink bows?!?! I must be dreaming!!

          I'm not dreaming; it was a show room full of cars with huge pink bows on them.  No, they weren't my birthday presents, but they kind of were there for me indirectly.

          I was at the car dealership getting my car washed and I was telling one of the salesmen, Todd I love the big pink bows and he told me it was in honor of breast cancer awareness month, which was October.  Every time someone test drives a car they would donate to breast cancer research.  So being a breast cancer survivor myself, it is actually my present:)

     Todd told me he does the race for the cure.  Though walking isn't my strong suit, I mentioned that I do ride in the bike to the bay because incidentally, I also have MS.  It's funny how many people ask me if I'm kidding when I make that comment (I wish I were...). I told him about discovering that Alex, the salesman who helped me find another car when my old one bit the dust, and I were related, and I was planning to make sure he rides on my team.  Right away Todd said "I'll ride!!"  So you know the drill... as soon as I hear those words it's written in blood.  The picture just seals the deal:)
     I told Todd my next mission was to convince Alex to ride too. But Todd assured me he would see to it that Alex rides; after all he is "family".

     Yep, another photo for proof, and I now have two more committed riders on Team Leapfrog! YAY!!

       Believe it or not, the registration has actually begun for the next Bike To The Bay, allowing riders to get a head start before the hectic holiday season rolls around.  Incidentally, the date is June 25 and 26 of 2016.  Last year was the second year for Team Leapfrog with almost forty riders.  This being my third year riding I'm really starting to get the hang of building my team:)
     I can do all the selling I want, though no matter how I pitch it, at the end of the day I find the strategy that works the best is to simply talk their ears off until they commit, just to shut me up... or I simply let my smile do the talking for me:)

 Please consider joining my team!

Click on Bike to the bay at the top and check it out:)

And while you're at it click on pictures and see photos from the past years at Bike to the Bay.

Have a great weekend!


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