Monday, December 30, 2013

Will he really wear a green mohawk??

     Remember my brother, the motorcycle rider with the bald head??  Remember he said he would join my team??  He even agreed to wear my pink frog shirt... But he also said he would have to have a green mohawk to make a statement.  But he's bald!  How is that going to happen?  So now he's like a chia pet, growing the hair back to get ready for the ride.  Most men shave their head to hide the fact that they are actually hairless.  Not Doug, he shaves his just to keep you guessing:)

     Now we'll sit back watch it grow, only to see him shave eighty percent of it off and turn it green.  I have to say, the hair color will compliment the shirt nicely.

The lengths some people will go just to raise awareness!!  This Bike-To-The-Bay will sure be memorable!

Have a great day!!


Friday, December 27, 2013

The simplest things make my day!


     I'm not much of a gambler; things don't usually fall into my lap.  I've learned that I have to work for what I want in life.

     However, I do like going to the local casino every now and then just to drop a twenty into the penny slot machines. It gives me the feeling of being in Vegas without even jumping on a plane.  More times than not I end up making a donation to the economy, but once in a while I get lucky and make a buck or two!

     For the most part it's simply a fun night out, and it's one thing my son Matt and I can do together.  A while back I went with my 26 year old daughter Emily and though I didn't win big money, it was certainly a day to remember.

     As we were entering the casino I noticed the man checking people in was letting most of them slip right by, no questions asked.  As Emily and I approached the gate the man said "I need your IDs". I smiled and waited for Emily to pull hers out.  He then said to me "I need yours too".  I said "are you serious?!?!"  This is my daughter and I'm 50 years old!! He leaned in and looked at my eyes... then said "okay, you're good:)".  I guess the crows feet were a dead give away:)

     I could take offence to his snap judgement  but I would be a fool to think any 50 year old looked under age (except for Medicare,lol).  He told me I looked young and they're required to ask anyone under 35 for identification, so I was thrilled just to be lumped into that category.

     That day I certainly had an extra bounce to my step (of course maybe it was my "turbo leg" causing it...)  at any rate, my day was made and it's amazing how it's the simplest things in life that do it!

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

          Not sure how many people will be reading my post on Christmas, but if you happen to be... Merry Christmas:)  I hope your holiday is great!  My journey sure is a lot easier with great friends along for the ride, and that's by far the best Christmas gift ever!  Thanks:)

Merry Christmas!!



Monday, December 23, 2013

My team list so far...


   Well I guess the pink team shirts haven't scared anyone off; I am so excited about all of the people I have committed so far!  Look up here at the "Team Leapfrog" page and click on it. You can see how many team members I have already.  

     The official Bike To The Bay registration is coming very soon and I'm very overwhelmed by all of the great people inspired to ride!  Please start thinking about it and help me grow this list:)

     With all of the amazing people in this world anxious to put an end to this disease, I know the list will be huge!  Just say the word and I'll add your name!  We can do this!!

Have a great weekend!!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Just keep asking

        When it comes to building my team, If I don't ask at every given opportunity then my job isn't done.  You just never know unless you ask.  So I was at an MS Lifelines meeting and I asked my new friends, Jim and Kelly Neville if they would join my team in the Bike-To-The-Bay, and I was pleasantly surprised when they were totally up for it.

     Next I kept my fingers crossed. I really hoped they wouldn't sleep on it only to tell me at the next meeting that they had changed their minds.

     However, at the next meeting, not only did they tell me they were serious about riding, but they were happy to pose for a photo as proof!  It absolutely made my day when they told me their 20 year old son Christoffer would also be on our team, and it doesn't stop there, because they weren't done asking!

  The number of people I've come across that want to help support this cause is unbelievable, and I'm sure there are many more out there as well. But one thing I've learned is if we don't keep asking we'll never find them.

Thanks Nevilles!!

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You're my inspiration

     I've had several people tell me in the past that I inspire them, and I have to say that as honored as I am to hear this, I feel like I should be the one saying this, because all it takes is one person to believe in me and that's what gives me strength. The encouragement I receive is very overwhelming.

     Sure, I have a few obstacles that I have to overcome, but every single one of us has something challenging in our life, and when we believe in ourselves then nothing is impossible.  

     If I can convince one person that their life has meaning then that person could make a difference in this world and it just goes on and on.  Faith is an amazing tool!

     If you have a time in your life that someone inspires you pass it on, because I must admit, you're my inspiration:)  Thanks!

Have a great day!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Lets ask Santa!!

     This time of year the last thing most people are thinking about is riding a bike; it's way too cold! Capital "C" old! Remember the Bike trail I loved to ride on just a couple of months ago??  Here it is now; YIKES!!  
Thanks for the snow:)

This looks like a bad hair day, but the 100 mile an hour wind and 20 degrees is the culprit, BRRR!!

I think I'll start a new trend!

     Yes it's cold now, but it won't be long before I begin begging for kind people to join my team for the Bike-To-The-Bay, and maybe Santa could help us out:)  

     If you're like me, you may (or may not) have a functioning bike, but none of the much needed gadgets to make the ride safer.  By now you've seen I have my helmet and over anything else that is the most important thing to have.  I take that back... you first need a functional bike, and then comes the helmet... (the chicken or the egg?!)  

     Of course, I'm asking Santa for lots of team members too, and I sure hope he comes through:)  So if you've been considering riding in the BTTB come spring this might be the nudge you need to take that "leap" with me. Just ask Santa!

     My official begging is a short ways off but it can't hurt to get you thinking, and in the mean time, I'll cross my fingers:)

Have a great day!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas shopping keeps me going!

isn't she too cute?!

      When it comes to shopping I'm really more of a "window shopper" than anything else.  When ever something catches my eye it isn't long before I talk myself out of it or remember I have one just like it at home.

     I really enjoy walking around the mall with my mom on any given Saturday, and even more-so  around the holidays.  I just love to see all of the interesting people, along with all of the decorations and lights.

     It's even more enjoyable when my Christmas shopping is done and I watch all of the others scrambling around like crazy people. 

      I usually spend the remainder of the time until Christmas checking to see if I got the best deal or not.  The better option would be to put my blinders on and step away from the racks; there's no turning back.

My sweet grandbaby William loves the excitement too!

     We'll enjoy it while we can, because it won't be long before we're saying once again "when's it gonna be spring?"

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My gift of gab is priceless

     Maybe I do tend to run off at the mouth; at times and you might even call it a gift of gab, but here's proof that it is in fact a gift, because it just keeps landing me rider after rider for my team!

     When I was at the DMC Christmas party I started my recruiting again and by the end of the night I had several more of my co-workers anxious to ride on my team!

     Greg and Katelyn Gomach were very serious about this quest.  Katelyn rode in the past and was confident that she could get some of her friends to ride this year as well! It didn't take long before Greg was also on board. Now it looks like Santa may have to bring someone a new bike for Christmas:)

     They must have been serious because they allowed me to have our picture taken as proof, so I know they won't be backing out now:)  I'm very fortunate to have them on my team!  Thanks guys!

Have a great day!!




Monday, December 9, 2013

A rebel with a cause

          Most of you already know by now that I'm a girl on a mission, and I won't quit for anything.  So my next challenge was to see how long it would take to get my friends from Hanger Clinic, where I got my "turbo leg" to join my team. Okay, okay, I know it's the Walkaide (some day I'll convince them to change the name!!) 

     My Orthotist, Mike Bursztynski was on board from the get go, but now I needed to convince some of the others to commit.  I told them I planned to have a huge team and my goal was to see my team raise 25,000.00 in honor of the 25th anniversary Of The Bike-To-The-Bay.

     One of the guys said " Sure, it's easy for you, no one's gonna turn down a sweet girl!"  But on the contrary, I think it has more to do with the fact that I'm a rebel with a cause.  I make it very clear that I am very passionate about this cause, not only for myself, but all of my friends who want to make a difference with me.

     If I have to use the "sweet girl"  approach then I guess that's what I'll do!!  What ever it takes to get the job done:)

Tom, Me, Jeff and Mike

          Incidentally, it must be working because as you can see, Jeff Kuehn and Tom Sandy  joined Mike, and now they're all on board!

 Please Join us!!

Have a great day!!


Friday, December 6, 2013

The slug bank: my strategy for survival

     Anyone who has MS will tell you that most of the time we're working with an energy deficit.  I personally can tell you that most days my body feels like lead and I feel like I weigh 300 pounds.  If I were to add fifty pounds of actual weight I would probably feel like a sumo wrestler.

     I'm not complaining, my condition just makes me stronger.  We only live once so it's up to me to have a strategy to keep my body as healthy and strong as possible, so I developed "the slug bank".  If I get up early when my energy level is at it's best and get my workout in, I will have made a deposit into my slug bank for later.

     The great thing about this bank is, later in the day when the rest of the world is scrambling to get  that workout in, guess what I'm doing... yep, being a slug, a guilt free slug!

     You've heard the old cliché "nothing tastes as good as being thin feels", well I have my own cliché, "nothing tastes as good as an hour in slugville feels".  When I look at a doughnut my slug calculator kicks in.  The average person would say "I'll just work it off later".   After my one to one and a half hour work out at 4:15 in the morning I'm not in the mood to make a deposit into my slug bank later.

     Of course I have to play mind games with my self to get through my workouts.  They tell you if you find a workout you enjoy you will stay with it.  Well, I have to say at 300 "mental" pounds there isn't a workout I love.  So I have to trick myself to get through it.  It's my daily ritual to talk myself out of quitting half way through.  What else am I going to do at 4:30 in the morning, sit and stare at four walls?? Then I pray to God for strength, thank him for the great friends in my life and just keep chasing that carrot knowing I'm making a deposit into my slug bank.  As long as I have a strategy my life is good!

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I just keep moving


     One thing I've discovered That Cinderella and I have in common is, at a certain point we both morph into a whole different creature.  Hers is at the stroke of midnight and mine is anytime that isn't 70 degrees and climate controlled.

     With having MS I've become a human weather gauge predicting how my body will react for that day.  Winter time its like cement and the summer its total mush.  In a perfect world it would be 70 and sunny, no humidity, with a slight cool breeze year round.  Of course, snow on Christmas Eve and gone the day after... oh yeah, can't forget about the flowers... and rain from one to four a.m.  Is that too much to ask??

     This past summer I discovered my bike was a great tool for getting me outside when the weather wasn't optimal.  But as the seasons change and the snow sets in I need to find another way to force myself outdoors.

     Snow skiing and ice-skating are out,  but last year I found another creative way to improvise.  My brother Doug has snow mobiles and asked me to go riding with him.

     We had a blast and I had totally forgotten I wasn't wonder woman!  That was until I got off of my snow mobile, stepped in a snow bank and lost my balance.  As I was laying there flat on my back, watching the snow hit my face I asked myself what any six year old child would do in my shoes... Yep, I made a snow angel:) 

From lemons to lemonade!!

Have a great day!

Christine :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to the days of "normal"

     Back in the day, I scrambled around like a chicken with my head cut off and I heard time and time again "SLOW DOWN!"  There wasn't a person I wouldn't leave in my dust and I loved every single minute of it. The thing is, I've always been a "hurry up and wait" kind of  girl. The faster I would go, the sooner I would get there. 

    However, now with footdrop there have been many times that my brain says run but the message is sent by pony express.  The end result is my brain getting there about one second before my body and that can end in disaster.  I'm considering wearing my bike helmet 24/7:)

     My reasons for riding in the Bike-To-The-Bay are several.  One reason of course is to take that leap of faith that I can do it and encourage others to do the same.  Secondly, I want to raise awareness about this devastating disease that impacts the lives of so many.  But most importantly, the money raised from this event is used not only to aid those people right in our community who need financial assistance to control this disease, but to fund research to end it all together.

     Thanks to all of the generous donations, we now have eleven drugs available to slow down the progression, and though there is still no cure they are so close to a breakthrough for myelin repair which could potentially take people like me back to the days of "normal". I won't give up because I know it will happen!  I have total confidence that one day I will hear those words again "SLOW DOWN!"  Until then I'll just keep moving:)  Who's with me?!?!

Have a great day!



Friday, November 29, 2013

It's just too cold; I'll ride to warm weather!

     With cold weather here it's time to have a plan to make it through til spring;  it's just too cold so I'll ride to warm weather!  Of course we know I tucked my road bike in for the season but that doesn't mean I can't take a "road trip".

     When I rode outside over the summer it was so nice looking at all of the scenery and wild life, but as I've transitioned to riding indoors I don't have that luxury anymore.  I'm forced to stare at the same four  walls day after day.  We know playing mind games with myself is how I operate so I needed to come up with a strategy to make it through the winter.

     I decided I would take a road trip!  Up north is way too cold, but a road trip down south would be perfect:)  So on my bike I went.  I estimated the miles I go in an average week and if you add the bike and treadmill, I'm clocking in at about 50 miles a week or 200 a month.  The hard part of getting started is behind me and now I'm well on my way;  I'll just keep riding and by spring I will have taken the most amazing road trip  "imaginable".  With my calculations I will have racked up about 1300 miles  by the time The-Bike-To-The-Bay gets here, which is a whole a lot of riding for sure; but I've got all winter:)

Come along for the ride:)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

If only the flu "flew the coop"


  Having MS is challenging enough on it's own so I make it a yearly ritual to get a flu shot.  I would rather be proactive  than reactive when it comes to my health.  

     With a compromised immune system already, I could probably get the flu just by thinking about it.  Have you ever been around someone who tells you they have the flu and immediately you start getting this sick feeling in your stomach?  There is nothing worse.

     After I get a flu shot I feel like I've been given a magic bullet and all of a sudden I'm invincible.   Then when someone comes up to me and says they don't feel well I can confidently reply "looks like someone needs a hug..."

     It was getting that time of the year and I knew I needed to get my shot before it was too late.  Ironically, as I was driving down the street I saw this huge sign that read "GET YOUR FLU SHOT TODAY!"  I couldn't believe it!  Someone actually put up a sign just for me!!  Now I knew I had to do it.

     When I got to the pharmacy the pharmacist asked if he could help me (that was a loaded question).  I replied "I would like to get a flu shot..." that's not true, I wouldn't like a shot, "let me rephrase that... I need a flu shot", again there was no one holding a gun to my head forcing me to get one...  The Pharmacist jumped in, "so your here for a shot:)" "yes!"

     He handed me a form to fill out that had about 200 questions on both sides.  I was getting ready to pull out my passport and offer up my first born child.

     One of the questions had me perplexed.  It read "medical conditions"; followed by a line about one inch long.  I called the pharmacist over... "Here's a question for you..., this says medical conditions... is this a YES/NO question because I could write a book!"  "No"  he replied, "they just want a brief history".  So on that one inch line I squeezed in the words MS/breast cancer.  I'll leave the book for another day.

     The next comical question... "any previous reactions to injections?"  The first 1500 over the past eleven years never caused any problems but this next one just might put me over the top:)  As it is, right now I'm a walking pin cushion. I feel like I should carry a disclaimer "caution,  If you see me drinking water please step back to avoid sprinkler".

     After all the red tape, I was finally able to get my shot and soon I was ready to face the world; the only disappointing thing to this whole ordeal was when I looked down and noticed no cartoon characters on my bandage... I guess there comes a time in my life where I just need to be a big girl once and for all:)

* We finally have dates! Check out the BIke-To-The-Bay page:)

Happy Thanksgiving!



Monday, November 25, 2013

My team just keeps growing

     My team in the beginning consisted of only me (of course that crazy fool that though I should ride  better be riding too!)  At first I thought it would be like pulling teeth to get my team together.  As I started talking about it, more and more people came forward, and I was in total shock by the takers I would least expect to commit.  

     All of my friends from DMC have sure gotten an ear full about my quest, and I knew I might be able to rope one or two of them into my web.  Maryann was the first one to commit to the challenge, Jean was soon to follow.  Before long Karen was totally inspired and knew she needed to take the leap as well.

     I had a few of my "team leap frog" shirts made up and  and thought who better to test them out then some of the awesome ladies at DMC.  If they work for them then I'm sure they'll work for the many, many others down the road.  I mean, pink is a no brainer right?! If I do happen to find one or two guys that are too manly to put on a pink shirt I'm sure I can throw in a white one or two, but I'm betting I can convince them all:)

     My brother Doug (remember the motorcycle??)  He said he has no problem with pink!  But if he's gonna make a statement he wants to go big.

     His plan is to loose the sleeves and sport a green Mohawk.   I know defacing the flag is illegal, but my team shirt??  I guess I should be thankful he wants to ride; I say "you go!!" 

Have a great day!


Friday, November 22, 2013

How will they find me?

     So now that I had this website created I had to figure out how to get people to remember me.  Sure, when I walk up to someone and tell them all about it, the thing they remember most is how much I can talk, but ask them the name of my website and they probably couldn't tell you.

     However, if I had cards made up, then after I leave and all they remember is how much I can talk, they'll look at the card and say oh... that's what she said:)

     Pretty cool card huh?!?!  I know you probably can't read the web address from the picture above, but if you're reading this post then you're already here... Look up!! :)

     Now I just need to see how many of these cards I can pass out so people can find me!  How else am I going to get people to join or sponsor my team;)  I've got some time, wish me luck and spread the word!!

Okay... So here's a close up:)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing team leapfrog


     If I plan to have a team then we certainly need shirts.  I had a few made up just to start promoting my team and attempt to recruit members.   So here it is; this is my team photo. Yes, I said I have many people committing to ride on my team but after they see my shirts they may think again:)

     You and I know these shirts are just too cute, I mean pink... and then frogs... what's not to love?!  However, some guys may need a little persuasion to warm up to the idea.  Okay pink may be stepping outside the box, but the frogs are green so it all balances out:)  I have faith!

     Now my next step over the months ahead is to try to get as many people as I can on board with me.  If I show this shirt around enough then maybe the cute frogs will grow on people, and before long they'll feel like they're part of the family. 

     My goal is to try to have more frogs leaping over the finish line than imaginable so we can prove that this is all about taking that leap of faith.

     Please start thinking about it; if you're on the fence, jump over to my side:) I just know the up coming 25th celebration will be HUGE!  Help me kick MS's butt! We're so close already and I know I won't quit until it's over!

Have a great day!


Monday, November 18, 2013

My birthday!! 51 years and counting:)


  YAY!! Today is my 51st Birthday and I'm proud to say it:)  A lot of people like to forget about their birthdays as they get older, let alone announce to the world their age.  Last year when I turned fifty I was thrilled to make it a half of a century in one piece and was looking forward to the second half. November 18th makes me a Scorpio and according to the zodiac scorpios don't give up; I most definitely hold true to the sign.

     As the years go on, I thank God for every day and all the amazing people I've met along the way.  Sure when I was twenty I had less body aches and a lot more energy, and there were no signs of cancer or MS, but I'll take all the aches in the world for the great life experiences and friends I've made over the years.

     I was driving my car a while back and there was a song on the radio talking about wishing you were young again.  My 18 year old Daughter Lindsay said " do old ladies really ever wish they were twelve again?"  I said "not for one second..."  Then I processed the question again... "wait..."  I said, "are you calling me old?"  She replied "Well you are 50, what would you call it?"  Seasoned is the word I would use.  

   When it comes down to it, age is just a number, your life is what you make of it and I'm looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come:)

One more thing... Since it is my birthday, I figure this is my one chance to make a wish... So if you want to help my wish come true please pass this link on to just one person or as many people as you know, even share it on facebook:)  If nothing else, then just today!!  Please help me make a difference!! :)

Have a great day!!


Friday, November 15, 2013

My super powers


  I'm sure we've all wished we had super powers at one time or another, and while it's only a fantasy, I sometimes think I actually have them.  To be able to fly would be a great super power.  The contraption on my leg would make me think I have this gift.

     I cherish my "turbo leg" or "power pack"... okay, it's really a walkaide, but "turbo leg" sounds much cooler:)  Not only does it prevent me from tripping on my toe (most of the time...), but it opens up a whole lot of dialogue.  When I ride my bike I don't wear it because it's very cumbersome, but take away the bike and this tool is a godsend.

     When I volunteered at the last Bike-To-The-Bay it was very obvious.  This device actually does give me "super powers" because I can morph into anything my creative little mind can think of.  I can go from being "on house arrest" to "a sports injury" all in the drop of a hat.

      On the second day of the Bike-To-The-Bay  they were calling for  light rain, so I wanted to avoid a power outage on my "turbo leg".  Since last year, they've come out with a protective cover,  but before that I had to improvise.  This actually worked out to my advantage.  I wrapped it in this pink scarf and all of a sudden I was a Ninja!  When asked why the limp, I responded "This is nothing, you should see the other guy!"

     The local chapter of the National MS Society holds a monthly support group meeting and it just so happens they were having some people come to talk about Tai Chi classes.  This was perfect!  I can look like a Ninja:)  Of course they had to set me straight; Tai Chi is Chinese, a Ninja is Japanese... hey, tomato-tamoto:)  What ever... this was my chance!!

pretty scary huh?!  Lol

     It's all just a matter of perspective, but when it comes down to it, I really think we all have "super powers" in one way or another:)

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The outdoor riding season has come to an end


      Well it's finally time to put my bike into hibernation for the winter.  Where did the summer go?  Remember the bike trail I was riding on just a couple of weeks ago??  Look at it now! Snow?!?!  Seriously!?!?  And we're not even half way through November!  Not quite enough for a snowman but I was freezing my behind off taking these photos, then again the wind didn't help:)

    Of course now that means I have to try harder than ever to keep up my riding indoors so I don't have to start all over come spring.

     To think there was a day that I couldn't ride a stationary bike five minutes without getting bored out of my mind.  Now I find myself using it like a drug.  The natural high is amazing!

     So I've committed (with witnesses)  to riding after work three afternoons a week and I'll admit I usually dread getting started, but about twenty minutes in when I feel that first bead of perspiration roll down my face I remember why I'm there.

     Once again it's the mind games that keep me going; if I have to imagine myself riding across country then that's what I'll do.  As long as I keep focused I can do anything!

Have a great day!



Monday, November 11, 2013

Why am I here?

     Today I have a confession to make, and that is that I never really wanted to ride in the bike to the bay, nor did I ever see myself as a "blogger".  It was so much easier standing on the sidelines and being a "poster child" for why others ride. I'll be honest, the thought of actually riding scared me to death.  Then once I was talked into it I thought that was my way of doing my part. 

     Soon I admitted that I would try to ride my bike inside or outdoors 3 or 4 days a week to gain strength, on top of my other daily workout and I need to hold true to my word, so there's no backing out, which is also scary because I'm not a quitter.

     Before long I was also roped into starting a committee of others to help me on this mission of making next years Bike-To-The-Bay huge.  I never imagined having a website and blogging as well.  Sure I love to write stories, and my dream has been to publish a book someday, but with the millions of books out already, what would make a book from someone like me stand out from others?? Of course where there's a will, there's a way!

     When I started my blog I was way outside of my comfort zone, I had no idea how to do it or if what I had to say would interest anyone, let alone everyone. What if I ran out of things to write about?  Some people may say I don't know what they're going through, and I probably I don't, and some may be looking for me to give them a plethora of valuable information to live by.  All I have is what's on my mind, interesting or not... and with any luck I may be able to convince others to help me with my quest while I'm at it:)

     I began to wonder just how I would write things relatable to the whole world.  But then I started to realize that if just one person was interested in what I have to say then my job is done.  

      The pictures... I know if I see a story with just words I tend to skim over it, but if I see a picture then I feel like I can relate with the person telling the story.  By no means do I claim to be a super model, but if what they say is true, smiles are contagious, then if I can put a smile on just one face then it's worth it.

     So now that I've come clean I can continue to do what I love, and that's write, and hope more days than not I'll find others that can relate to me or at least get them thinking... Oh, and I'll still keep riding!

have a great day!


Friday, November 8, 2013

The files of my "myelin challenged" brain

   My brain and body don't always communicate like they're supposed to; I blame the loss of myelin for most of my craziness, though the thinking part is still intact.  I don't want to point the finger but that's why God gave us a pointer finger right... to point it:)  Life may be challenging, but I refuse to let it take me down, so I need a strategy.

     The way most people go through life trying to put all of their ducks in a row, I try to do the same with my thoughts.  I decided I needed a file cabinet to store all of the thoughts that help me stay positive  If you get a minute to check out my Pinterest boards you'll see just what makes me tick.

     On my boards I have nothing informational, educational or any useful household tips.  I simply use this as a space to store all the things that make sense out of life for me.  I've spent a lot of time searching for inspirational thoughts that give me hope, images that make me smile, and jokes that simply make me laugh out loud.

     Whenever I have a moment that I question "why", I go to my boards and say  "oh yeah, now I Remember!  It's amazing how the things that matter the most can get buried by things that aren't important.  Check it out and see if it doesn't put a smile on your face as well!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trading a motor for peddles


   What "biking" means to one person may not mean the same to another.   When I think of biking I know I'm giving my legs a real workout.

     My brother Doug thinks of "biking" in a whole different light.  The only workout his legs are getting is to start his motorcycle engine.  Not in a million years would I expect him to get on a bicycle again, but you know me, I just keep talking.

     I was super excited about riding in the Bike-To-The-Bay and I had to tell my brother and his family all about it.  His wife Billie said "Doug, let's ride in it!"  To which Doug replied "let's talk about it".  What a nice gesture, but I knew it was just that, "a gesture", or was it??

     A couple of weeks later I was talking with Doug and Billie again, Doug said " guess what... We're riding!"  I smiled in disbelief.  He said "I'm serious!"  He was talking to a friend who rode in this event the past, after a few questions Doug was in. His friend said maybe he'll ride again too. So Doug started doing research to see what kind of bike he needs to do the ride, joined a gym and  now he's on his way.

Of course I had to meet him halfway too:)

     I may not be able to solve world peace but I may get a few people back on their bikes.  It's a safe bet that Doug has no intention of scrapping his motorcycle, but I do believe next spring he'll be trading his motor in for peddles.

Have a great day!