Friday, November 27, 2015

A promise is a promise

     So as you remember, last February I took a trip down to Fort Myers Beach to visit my cousin, Keith. 
 When My plane landed in the Punta Gorda airport Keith was standing there waiting for me wearing one of the pink Team Leapfrog shirts I sold him to raise money for our team before last year's Bike To The Bay.  

     I thought it was very brave of him to wear that pink frog shirt, especially way down south where no one had a clue what it represented. Then again, I thought I was brave to be seen with him wearing it as well,ha,ha.  But I was careful not to mention we were related...  Of course, way back when I first started my team and suggested pink shirts I was pleasantly surprised when my first male team Leapfrog  rider said if it's pink then that's what we'll wear:)

     The trip started out as a test to see if I could hop on a plane and travel by myself.  

     But I was pushed into doing some things that were never on my bucket list. 

 Then again, if things didn't go well I might have been scraped up and put in that bucket in the end...

     Whether it was hang-gliding fifteen hundred feet above dry land...
     Or being flown like a kite behind a boat and dangling five hundred feet above the Gulf of Mexico; It was totally out of my comfort zone; but I did it:)

     So this became the first year of my new tradition to take a trip to Fort Myers in February, and as we speak I have officially booked my flight for this coming winter, YAY!

    Ironically, that pink Leapfrog shirt Keith wore while I was down there wasn't just a symbol of his support, because just as I stepped out side the box and became a female "Evel  Knievel", Keith officially signed up to ride on team Leapfrog next June.  So next spring he'll be the one hopping a plane.

     Like the saying "if you build it they will come", I am totally amazed and honored by all of the people who travel from across the country to ride with me on Team Leapfrog.  And to think that all it took was me building it:)

Have a great weekend!!


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