Friday, February 28, 2014

Awesome!! another shirt sponsor!!

   I had never met my soon to be new friend and team member Nazih from Organic Bliss Deli and Bakery; a neighboring business of DMC, where I work.  However, I've had their food and I do know they have the most amazing organic food I've ever tasted.

     Pat, the owner of DMC knows him well and was telling him about the Bike To The Bay and how many of us from DMC were riding in it.  It wasn't long before Pat was telling me about our two new team members, Nazih and Brandon.

     It was overwhelming to see the outward support of this great community.  Of course I made it a point to go to our neighbor and thank Him in person.

     But it didn't stop there; Nazih also offered to be a sponsor for our team shirts and wants to try to sell them to help raise money for our team.  What a great guy!  My entire team is made up of amazing people!  I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.  I'm looking forward to many great things to come.

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Froggy and Princess; My mascots

     So by now you know my two obsessions; pink and frogs...  Oh yeah... and writing, so three:)  But you may not know that I actually have team mascots behind my "team Leapfrog".  Here they are; Froggy and Princess, the next generation.

Notice the pink castle and pink gravel!!

      A few years back my daughter Lindsay got me two adorable little frogs for my birthday, and seeing their precious little world gave me hope that life can be good in spite of the challenges. 

  My two little friends have since gone to that "froggy heaven" in the sky, but last Mother's day Lindsay gave me "Froggy and Princess, the next generation" and they've become my inspiration for  Team Leapfrog and my writing as well.

     If you get a few minutes please humor me and read this fairy tail of a story I wrote a couple of years ago, inspired by the two passing angels. 

      I've always been known as a conversational style writer; if it happens, I tell you about it:)  But I thought I would see if I could step outside the box and go in a different direction for a change.  Let me know if you think I have a calling as a romantic novelist, or if I should keep my day job:)  Lol

Have a great day!!

Bike to the bay registration


By Christine Kajfasz

     When I received my two tiny frogs for my birthday a while back, I just knew I had a miniature love story on my hands.  Froggy and Princess fluttered around in their aquarium with such grace and poise; I just knew they were meant to be together. 

     I loved watching them as they enjoyed their tiny little lives without a care in the world.  Two little snails by the name of Gary and Lucky shared their minuscule kingdom, but their only mission was to keep the algae out of the aquarium, otherwise they were oblivious to the existence of Froggy and Princess.  The two sweethearts swam gracefully together and only noticed their snail companions when they occasionally used them as a place to rest their weary bones after a hard day of swimming.

     As the months went on it became quite noticeable that Froggy was much stronger than Princess, but Princess was such a fighter.  Froggy did whatever it took to gain the attention of little miss Princess, often chasing her from one end of their tiny little world to the other.  As I continued to admire my little frogs daily I was amazed at how much love and carefree spirit could come from two very small souls.

     As the two of them laid side by side without a care as far as the eyes could see, it was very apparent that their life was nothing but pure bliss and happiness. The only worry they had was getting enough food to fuel their precious bodies.

     Then one day I noticed that Froggy was getting bigger, yet at the same time... Princess was getting smaller.  It was obvious that Froggy was getting more food then Princess, but she didn't seem to mind, she was just happy to live such a blissful life.

     I did become worried however because Princess became more and more lifeless as her tiny little bones began to protrude from her lethargic little body.  She began to swim with a much labored stroke.  I know Froggy didn't mean to take more than his fair share; in fact he would often nudge Princess in the attempt to bring life back into her.

     Since it was unclear who should get how much food, I decided to separate them so Princess could eat more and regain her strength.  I created this plastic makeshift barrier in the attempt to keep them apart; however, Princess squeezed her tiny frail body beneath it so she could be with Froggy again.  She didn't care if he took her food; she was in love.

     As Princess became even more lifeless I began to worry all the more because we were due to go out of town soon and we would have my mom feed my little friends.  I had to do everything I could to help Princess regain her strength.  I couldn't bear the thought of having something happen to Princess while we were gone; my mother would surely feel awful, though it would by no means be her fault.

      Every morning noon and night I continued to look in the tank to see if Princess was still alive, and because it was just barely, I knew it was probably only a matter of time before she would lose her battle.

     Two days before our trip I did my usual check to see that Princess was still hanging in there, but I noticed she was completely motionless.  I nudged her and Froggy nudged her as well.  Her fight was finally over.  I was sad to have my love story come to an end and my first thought was to run out and get another “Princess” to replace the first one so the love story could continue, but then the more I thought about it, I realized the new “princess” could never replace the old one.  They had something very special and the love between them was very strong. 

     My daughter Emily asked me if I was going to get another frog, and and I told her "who knows someday I might, maybe I’ll name "him" Kermit, but only as a buddy for Froggy".  For the time being his snail friends could keep him company and Princess will always be in his heart, because true love lives forever.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Time to talk about those fundraisers with Bob Evans


       So next on my agenda was to meet again with Jason, the General Manager of Bob Evans Restaurant on Monroe street, and talk about these fundraisers.  We decided if we were going to do this we may as well make it big.  Now we hope to have a meeting with some of the other managers from other locations and get them on board.  

     Of course since my big brother team "Team Sitting Bull" helped get "team leapfrog" off and rolling it's only right that they be a part of this as well.  This will be huge!!  If Reeves has his team e-mail blast and then my team e-mail blasts flyers along with Bob Evans promoting it, we can raise a lot of money for our teams!  So now our teams join forces!

We're already mistaken for twins:)

     Reeves and I will be getting in contact soon with the managers from Bob Evans to talk about which day of each month until the ride to hold our fundraisers. The people who dine at Bob Evans on behalf of Team Leapfrog or Team Sitting Bull those days will help raise money for our teams, because a portion of the proceeds will be kicked back to us for the MS Society.

Watch for details and help us team up With Bob Evans to make this 25th anniversary huge!!

Have a great day!!


Please sponsor us!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

It's hard to say no!

Wishful thinking!  No grass here...

 One thing I've discovered during this whole process of creating Team Leapfrog is that the more I ask for help the more people I find who are happy to help me.

     My next mission was to ask my insurance agent Paul Haye from New York Life if he would be interested in being a sponsor of our team shirts.  He's a really great guy so I wasn't surprised when he couldn't say no.  I just had to ask and more times than not they usually want to help me in some way.

     So our shirt backs are slowly starting to fill up with names of generous businesses!  Thank you Paul Haye and New York life.

See you in warm weather:)

Have a great weekend!!


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our second team shirt sponsor; Yay DMC technology group!!


  Now that our team is growing it's time to really focus on the sponsors.  A lot of our team members are co workers from DMC technology group where I'm employed.

     The owner, Pat Sheehan and his wife Elaine are among the many riders from DMC.  Pat approached me and said he would also like to sponsor our team shirts!  Not only do I work for a great company but the owners are very generous as well:)

     Of course Elaine mentioned she would love to have a fundraiser put on by DMC to raise even more money for the cause.  We sure have some amazing team members, all with great ambition to make this year huge!

     Please help us grow!!

Have a great day!!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Our next step was the media

          If we're going to make the 25th year Bike To The Bay huge then we're going to have to get media help, so the first person Reeves contacted was Fred LeFebvre from  1370 WSPD AM radio, and asked him if he would put us on the air a few times to promote our cause.  He said he would be happy to!  Now it's getting exciting!  There sure are a lot of people out there that care about this great cause:)

     I know Reeves has several other media avenues he wants to pursue but I'm thrilled to even get one!  Between him getting media and me with the sponsors and fundraisers, we have this!  Keep your Eyes peeled and ears open because we'll be around!

Have a great day!!


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Friday, February 14, 2014

Time to kick some MS tail!

     Remember in a previous post I said I could pretend I'm a Ninja?  Well you and I both know that is one battle I would never win; I couldn't hurt a fly ( the fly might die laughing though).  

     However, now that I have my team under way and the wheels are turning I'm ready to do what I said I planned to do when I started this journey, and that was to try to lick MS.  

     The harder we try and the more money our team raises gets us that much closer to ending MS once and for all.

     So if you want to see me lose the goofy outfit,  please help me with my battle before I start scaring small animals or worse, I could be committed:) I guess I'm just a legend in my own mind...

Please join my team or sponsor us.  We can do this!

Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What does a humble girl with MS look like??

          Remember a few posts ago I had a picture similar to this titled "what does MS look like"??  Well this a picture of someone who's very grateful for so many people wanting to help my team; whether its riding or sponsoring me.

     Way back in the summer I told the folks at the Local National MS Society that I meant business and I promised I could get at least 25 riders and probably more to ride on my newly formed team.  Someone suggested I have a team goal of 25,000.00 for the 25th anniversary.  I'll admit that is a very far fetched goal and It may seem impossible, but you should know me by now; nothing is impossible until I've exhausted every effort. Just watch me try:) We can do it!!

     When I was first talking about starting a team I asked a lot of my friends and family who assured me they would ride. I know this is a commitment and I really hoped they would be able to come through for me, but I also didn't blame them if they wanted to bail because sometimes I wonder what I got myself into, not even knowing what 35 miles looks like outside of a car.

     Well my friends didn't let me down, and so many of those who can't ride for a number of reasons, be it schedule or otherwise, graciously offered to sponsor me or buy a team shirt!  Look at how many riders I have now!!  and don't forget the awesome team committee and team sponsors:)

     So now you know what a humble girl with MS looks like:)  Thanks friends!

Have a great day!!


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Monday, February 10, 2014

Lets talk about these shirts!!


   I've said it over and over and I seriously mean it;  I have some really cool friends!  They never batted an eye when I showed them the team leapfrog shirts, the guys included.  I know they're a little crazy but in a very cute way:)

     And this isn't about looking cool, but doing something really cool for a really great cause.  You can imagine my surprise when non riders started inquiring about purchasing a shirt as well.

     So now our team is officially selling our team leapfrog shirts and even if you choose to use them to wash your car we would be so grateful if you would help us hit our seemingly impossible goal by purchasing one.

     If interested you can contact one of our team members or email me at with your size.  We're suggesting a donation of 20.00 but any additional donations are very much appreciated:)

  We're also still gladly welcoming more sponsors for our  shirts.  Please consider advertising your business and show your support!  Our goal is to have the back of our shirts covered!!

Have a great day!!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Our first official team sponsor! Thanks Bob Evans:)

     Well, going to Bob Evans restaurant every Saturday morning for the past 5 or 6 years has really paid off!  Not only do they have great food but the staff there are the most awesome people you will ever meet!

     As a rule I always get there earlier than the rest of my friends because it's a great way to drink coffee and write my posts for this blog.  The problem however, was that the internet service was hit or miss from week to week and it was sometimes frustrating not being able to  connect.

     One Saturday I saw the general manager, Jason, doing paperwork at a table and I thought I would ask him what the secret was to getting the WiFi to co operate.  He said they had been having problems with the connection on a corporate level.  I was mentioning I usually try to write my blog for the bike to the bay while waiting for my friends (and of course I had to tell him the whole story because this just might be one more opportunity to raise money for our team).  I made sure to inquire about the possibility of Bob Evans sponsoring us.

      After our brief (okay... lengthy) conversation I asked him if there was any way of getting corporate to make an attempt to fix the WiFi for future visits, even if he had to blame it on getting this pesky lady off his back.  He said he would make sure to tell them.

     The next week like clock work the internet was running smoothly so I was back in business.  I saw Jason doing paper work again and went over to thank him for helping me.  While I was at it I reminded him of our previous conversation and mentioned my team was up and running now.  Then I asked him if he would be interested in sponsoring our team and their name would be on our shirts.  He said absolutely!  

     So it's official!!  Bob Evans Restaurant is the first of hopefully many tee shirt sponsors for our team.  Jason and I are also going to get together again to discuss other fundraising ideas with Bob Evans between now and the ride.  Stay tuned:)

Have a great weekend!!


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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The countdown to outside riding continues


        Now that winter is in full force and we've all been staring at snow, while freezing for what seems like forever, I have to try harder than ever to come up with ways to keep from going stir crazy.  I'll find any excuse to make my way to my favorite coffee shop.  Chandler Cafe' is the cutest, quaint little coffee shop on earth.  It's right in the middle of downtown Sylvania,Ohio.

     I go there often enough that I think I should have my own name plate on my favorite high top table.  My new BFFs, Maggie and Kate are the sweetest people  you will ever meet and they were kind enough to let me snap some photos of them for my blog:)

     It's ironic how February is the shortest month of the year yet it takes the longest to pass.  As soon as March rolls around and the streets are cleared of the black crystallized snow I plan to throw on a jacket and hit the pavement again.

     For now though, I'll find anyway possible to pass the time indoors, and what a better way than with a big cup of coffee in hand!

Have a great day!


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Monday, February 3, 2014

A picture's worth a thousand words

don't worry, it's not your computer:)

     My life sure has had it's share of uphill battles over the years and I really credit my positive attitude to all the amazing people in it that fight for me.  This is my baby brother Doug, and I have to tell you he would absolutely give me the shirt off his back to make my life easier; that's why he's riding in The Bike To The Bay.

     Last year for my 50th birthday he surprised me with a ticket to the Trans Siberian Orchestra!  I was on a high I wouldn't forget for a very long time.


     This year for his 50th I reciprocated by getting him a ticket as well.  When they say a picture's worth a thousand words, these pictures don't do it justice because it was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen!  And of course the iceing on the cake was when they had an entire display of pink lights!!

       The irony is, my take away from the story-line of this concert was that every single person in this world is here for a reason.  I can't imagine my life without all of the people who have been there for me and that is why there is no way I can ever give up hope:)

Thank you great friends!!
Have a great day!

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