Friday, January 27, 2017

Do ya think I can dodge the snow that's heading for T Town?!

     February is my absolute worst month of the year; and yes I know it's the shortest month, but it feels like a hundred days.  Nothing but cold and snow from morning til night.  

     Remember last February? This is what it looked like!

     But at least I was able to escape the brutal weather for a few days, by flying down to visit my cousin, Keith, in Florida.  February is a great month for a trip to Florida, but come summer, the humidity would absolutely kick my butt.

     The past three years I've made it my mission to challenge myself and step out side of my comfort zone;  and Keith made sure to find things that would push me to my limit.  

     I've never been a fan of heights, but the first year I found myself five hundred feet up in the air, tethered to the back of a boat like a kite.  I survived... that time...

     But I guess he didn't think that was far enough out of my comfort zone, so my next challenge was para-sailing 1500 feet up in the clouds. 

      the only thing between me and that brutally painful crash landing was a thin piece of canvas being held up by a gust of wind.  But I wasn't worried... if we crashed, my instructor would hit first, and I'm sure he would break my fall...

     But this still wasn't enough to make me crack.  I came out of that one unscathed as well.

      Now,  last year, when I found out I was going to be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane from 13000 in the air I wondered who was the crazy one now...

     But I tell you, I am resilient!  I wasn't about to pass up any challenge.

     So here we are again; next week I make my annual trip down the the good old sunshine state, and I have to wonder how he could possibly come up with a challenge higher that the last one.

     Well, I soon realized, up isn't the only way to go.  This time he tells me we will be swimming with some giant sea creatures, called Manatees.  

      It kind of reminds me of Ursula from the little mermaid;  that was one scary fish!  We went and looked at them on a previous trip, but I was on the other side of the H2O.  Now I'm going to see what it's like to walk in the shoes (or swim in the fins) of a sea creature.

I can't wait!!

Have a great day!!



Friday, January 20, 2017

Did Ohio State change their colors just for me?!?

      I know a lot of people who are totally obsessed with Ohio State, and my brother, Doug, is no exception.  I myself, like OSU, I mean, I've lived in Ohio my entire life.  I could get tarred and feathered for anything else.  But my love of pink has always caused me to shy away from all of the traditional OSU logo wear.  How can I possibly wear scarlet and grey when pink fights off my "kryptonite"??

     But don't worry, my bro had me covered...

     He knew if he was ever going to convince me to sport the logo of his favorite team he had to find a middle ground some way, some how.  

     After some lengthy research, he found a company on-line that actually had a shirt that allowed me to keep my pink yet wear that OSU logo proudly...  
     It took forever for the shirt to finally arrive, and the season had come and gone.  But I've never seen someone more proud than my brother, when he handed me the shirt he knew would make me finally cross over that infamous line.
     I have to say, I'm kind of loving this look, though I may have been told a time or two that a pink OSU shirt is sacrilegious.  But hey, baby steps... If an official OSU shirt showed up on my doorstep, I might just wear that as well:)

     But until that day comes, this here, is about as good as it gets!!

Have a great day!!


Friday, January 13, 2017

My second team sponsor is back on board:)

     I still have over five months until the Bike To The Bay, but I have a serious job ahead of me:).  Can't ride outside yet, but this is the perfect time to get people on board to help build my team.  I let my voice do the peddling.
     I want to get this bike off the trainer and outside so badly, but I need to focus my efforts else ware until that time. comes.

     My buddy, Paul Haye from New York life didn't even bat an eye when I asked him to be a team sponsor again.  That makes two now!!

     I'm so grateful for all of the people who have signed up already to ride, but I'm still looking for more riders to make Team Leapfrog huge in 2017 like past years.

     Please join our team!!

Have a great day!!


Friday, January 6, 2017

Once again, it's time to beg for sponsors:)

     Now that the holidays are over and it's the start of the new year it's time to get serious about building my team for the MS Bike To The Bay!  Over the past three years I've had some awesome sponsors for our Leapfrog jerseys.  I'm not big on begging, but it was time to ask them if they were on board this year as well.

     The owner of DMC Technology Group, where I work, has been very instrumental in helping me with Team Leapfrog; from sponsoring my team jerseys, to riding on my team.  I was pretty confident that I could count on him for another year.

     If I smiled and asked nicely I was pretty confident it wouldn't be to hard to convince him:)

     I probably don't have to tell you how that went...
 After all, how could he say no to this smiling face:)

     Yep, he was on board!  I'm sure lucky to have such amazing people on my team, and in my life:) I can't wait until the next ride is finally here!

Have a great day!!