Friday, June 10, 2016

Is this a bike ride or a grade school field trip??

    There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than a good bike ride (well, except maybe chocolate...).  And though I love all the trails I've been on so far, a change of scenery is nice from time to time.

     I heard Side Cut Park finally put in a paved bike trail, and I just had to go check it out.  The trail within the park it's self, I was told, isn't very long, like a traditional bike trail typically is; but I could always lengthen it by riding beyond the park.

     Last weekend, my riding buddy, Mitch, was up for a ride so we both decided to go and scope this new trail out.  Honestly, I think Mitch was more interested in redeeming himself, after missing a lot of great pictures last time:)

     As we were getting ready to head out on the trail, I noticed two awesome looking bike type things heading towards us.  I've only seen this type of bike in advertisements, but always thought they looked like a lot of fun.  They appear to be kind of like cross country skiing and cycling wrapped up in one.

     It turns out, the riders of these unique contraptions were Bob and Pam, who were fellow leapfrogs!  I told them I've seen these a lot, but never in person, and they looked like a blast. Bob asked me if I wanted to try it out...

     I've jumped thirteen thousand feet from an airplane, and you would think I would be all over this.  But then I looked at the logistics of it.  I can barely walk a city block without the threat of kissing the pavement; now I'm going to try to walk and ride at the same time?!? That machine was very expensive, and I just couldn't risk crashing it.  

     I passed... but later that day I was kicking myself for not at least trying it...

     So I got on my "safe" bike and wished them a great ride:)

     Knowing our bikes weren't going to ride themselves, we finally made our way to the bike trail.  After all, Mitch had to get busy on those pictures... being the slave driver that I am:)
     This was a really nice bike trail; without a million cracks, like most of the trails around town.  But it wasn't long before the trail took us out side the park and along the Maumee River.
     Okay Mitch, cool picture...

     As we were riding along River Road we passed this cute little cemetery.  I never did catch the name of it; though Mitch did comment it looked kind of pathetic.  Oh, I'm not so sure... I've heard people are dying to get in there... I know... I'll keep my day job:)

     Take a look at this extremely steep hill.  To give you a perspective of just how steep it was, notice those lines; they were outlining speed bumps that were strategically placed so the cyclists coming back down didn't end up like a run away train. Now, going up over those bumps was another story...

     Interestingly enough, this hill looked vaguely familiar to me.  It was a lot like that hill on the other side of the Wabash Cannonball Trail; the one I once told another riding buddy I would never. ever. ever. go up again...  but we were by Side Cut Park, not Fallen Timbers... Oh, then Mitch says this trail takes us to Fallen Timbers... I've lived in or around Toledo all of my natural life (and then some!).  You would think I would know my way around the surrounding burbs; but obviously not...

     I managed to huff and puff my way to about thirty feet from the top, before I got off of my bike and dragged it the rest of the way up.  Never. again... Where have I heard that before...

     Soon, this ride became a history lesson... Here's the monument of the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

     Directly adjacent to it was this awesome view of some sort of ravine or something. (give me some slack. I didn't bring my note pad...)

     I don't know exactly what he was thinking, but if I didn't know any better, I would guess Mitch was trying to decide if riding off this cliff would be less painful than listening to my idle chit chat....

     He must have decided to tough it out, because he was back on the trail again.

     Next we found ourselves riding over the freeway, which was another chance to jump ship.  Good thing that fence was there:) And before we knew it, we were at the Wabash Cannonball Trail.  We rode on it for a little while, but I've been on it twice already this spring, and I wanted to explore some new territory.  

     So we headed back to Side Cut Park and crossed over the bridge to see if anything interesting was on the other side.
      The paved trail went on for a little while longer, but we would soon come to the point where it was no longer conducive to road bikes.

          I know Mitch had taken a million cool pictures by this time, but when I saw these steps, the wheels in my head started turning... An awesome action picture, maybe involving a double flip, would surely get a million likes on face book! And although I've never actually experienced road rash myself, it would probably be a pretty cool picture as well:)  I offered Mitch five bucks to ride down these steps... 
     Surprisingly, he declined. What happened to taking one for the team??

     I guess those action pictures are going to cost me a little more cash than I'm willing to part with.  oh well...

         By the time this ride was over I was on my way to becoming a real world scholar:)  Notice, no pictures of pink flowers this time; but I did get a History, as well as Geography lesson on this ride.  It was a true ride of exploration. Columbus would be proud!

     And I'm guessing if you spun me in a circle and put me in front of that huge hill, I'd probably climb it all over again.  Just don't tell me where I am!! :)

Please sponsor me in the bike to the bay!!

Have a great day!!


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