Friday, June 3, 2016

When I'm riding I sure feel normal; so why was my bike in a handicapped parking space??

      Well, as much as I like hitting as many different trails a possible, I got an offer to ride with five others Monday morning, which was Memorial day, and though it was the Wabash the second week in a row, I couldn't be more thrilled.  Most of them were Leapfrog teammates, the rest were being strongly encouraged to join our team (okay, badgered!).

    By now I was a pro at getting my bike ready for the ride, and by the time the others had arrived I had my tires pumped, helmet, glasses, gloves on and I was raring to go.

     Remember, I was telling you about the ride on this same trail the week prior, when a new riding buddy was in charge of the camera... It was a great ride even if the camera thing needed some tweaking... but in his defense, he had no idea what pictures I wanted him to take.  But this time I knew exactly where my points of interest were and I had my camera ready.

     See! I told you there were a million pink flowers lining the trail... well did I lie?!
     They were everywhere; I just had to be ready...

     I was pretty proud of myself; taking the pictures while we were riding.  I never once asked them to stop.  But about seven miles out, I realized that pink little windbreaker jacket I had on was a bad idea, and I noticed Ron had the perfect rack on the back of his bike... 

Incidentally, the pink goes really well with his lime green bike! I'll be sure he gives that back:)

      This almost looks like "drafting", but correct me if I'm wrong... don't you have to be moving to get the full effect?!?

     This was our half way point before we turned around and headed back. Just under ten miles. The whole ride would be just under 20 again. I love a good rest stop:)

    When I'm riding I sure don't feel handicapped, and I don't have a handicap placard on my bike; Do you think it's possible for me to get a ticket?? Relax... I'm moving:)
     This was my second ride for the long holiday weekend.  I just know I'll make it over that finish line at the bike to the bay, even if I have to be carried!  Now I seriously have to focus on raising money!  After all, isn't that why we're doing this!?!  Please help me!

Have a great day!!


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