Friday, October 14, 2016

I'm not just talking turky

         We all know that one of the highlights of my many bike rides is seeing all of the wild animals roaming in the parks;  squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, raccoons, and even deer.  And I thought I had seen every bird under the sun.  But this particular day I wasn't on my bike, though I saw something I never in a million years would have expected to see.  

     It was a typical day at work, (note: I don't work on a farm) and I'm almost certain it wasn't a full moon, when I turned around and on the other side of the glass double doors, at my suburban place of employment, was a huge gaggle of turkeys just hanging out, chill'n.

     Has no one told them that Thanksgiving is coming up next month???  It was as if they were just waiting to be scooped up to be someone's centerpiece on turkey day.  Of course I thought for sure they would get one look at me gawking at them and head for the hills...
     But it was as if they had multiplied right before my eyes.  In fact, it was like the movie "the birds"  only with turkeys.
     I think this little feller was as fascinated by me as I was with him (or her, I forget if that dangley  thing means boy or girl...) I'm talking under it's chin...

     These two were waiting right outside the door for me to reach down and scoop them up.
     Or so I thought... as soon as I opened the door to greet them they took off like bats out of hell.


     But the joke's on them.  By the time I would have caught up to them Thanksgiving would be over!  Here I had thirteen turkeys (yes I counted them...) prime for the picking, and as it turns out it looks like my centerpiece now may just be Tofurkey.  A soy bean... now there's something I could actually catch!!

Have a great day!!


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