Friday, October 21, 2016

When choosing a pumpkin, bigger isn't always better.

     If you've never been to Gust Brother's Pumpkin farms, it's one of my favorites, and the day my Daughter, Emily, and I took my little grand babies we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

     as soon as his feet hit the ground, William headed straight for the wagons, because he was on a mission and he knew he had every shape and size pumpkin to choose from.  If he had a wagon then he could shop like there's no tomorrow.

     Of course William was loured in to the miniature pumpkins right off the bat, and I'm guessing he planned to work his way up from there.
    But his eyes got as big as saucers when he spotted these ginormous pumpkins.  I would have loved to see him attempt to put these in his wagon; they were ten times his size.  

     You can see he was thinking about it for a minute...

     But these pie pumpkins seemed like a lot less work.  After all, he was in charge of the wagon, so what ever he decided to choose would be up to him to cart around the farm.
     William and his little brother, Conner, were anxious to check out all of the farm animals, but William had no intention of losing control of the wagon.   He hauled it from building to building like a man on a mission.
     As excited as Conner was to check out the animals, in the back of his mind he was trying to figure out how he could get his hands on his brother's wagon.
     I myself, was perfectly content to stare at all of these beautiful flowers, and there were a million pink ones everywhere.
     Conner is a very smart little guy; he found his opening and the wagon was soon his.

     Of course, chickens were a lot more interesting than carting around a wagon filled with pumpkins, so Conner made a B line to the coup.
     This cow was more than anxious to pose for the camera.

     It wasn't long before the boys forgot all about the pumpkins and were obsessed with the farm animals.

     What ever happened to that wagon William was guarding with his life??

     He eventually went back to stake his claim...

        Of course we couldn't leave with out getting doughnuts and cider, but we also knew the reason we were there was to bring back a wagon full of pumpkins.
     With a farm filled with millions of pumpkins you would think we would need a trailer to get them home.
     But William was perfectly happy to walk out with the pumpkins he chose, because he knew he picked them out himself; proving the theory, in the end of the day, size really doesn't matter!

Have  great day!!


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