Friday, July 7, 2017

If you start you have to finish

     For the past several months you've watched me prepare for a ride I hold near and dear to my heart; Bike MS Bike To The Bay.  I want to thank all of you for supporting me, whether it was by kind donations, moral support or by simply listening to me as I stand on my soap box, in the hopes of ending MS forever.

     This is the final chapter (for now...), so please allow me to share with you how we all made it across that victorious finish line, ending our journey of "Bike To The Bay 2017".

     In past rides I won't lie, there was a point where I seriously thought I might not make it to the end. And when I did make it to the end I found myself barely able to walk for the next several days.  I wondered if I would actually hang up my bike and call it quits.
      This ride, however, seemed different.  First of all there was a wonderful tail wind that seemed to be on our side for most of the ride.  I was able to ride faster then I have ever gone in four years.

     Another reason, I believe, I managed to make it without temporarily destroying my body was my awesome teammates who made sure I rested at stops and hydrated, allowing the muscles effected by MS to go back to almost normal.

        Last year I really just wanted wanted to be finished, and we would have never taken the time for photos.  This year you can see we surely took our time.
     My Cousin Keith, who drove all the way from Florida, and my BFF Maryann never left my side the entire ride.

      Though team Leapfrog was made up of varied skill levels on different routes, there were several of us who stuck together, and it was because of that push from my friends that I was able to make it that 55 miles to cross that finish line. 

     I was never more proud of this number, or humbled by all of my friends by my side.

     My hope is that one day I can witness a cure for MS.  But for now I'll be thankful that I am surrounded by the most caring and loving friends who will do what ever it takes to help me on this journey.  I am truly blessed.

Have a great day!!


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