Friday, June 30, 2017

You can't have a finish without a start

     By now I'm sure you know team leapfrog took that leap over the finish line; but in order to do that we needed to make it over the starting line. This begins the jersey of our weekend at the Bike To The Bay.

       One of the first people I saw that morning was one of my biggest heroes, raring and ready to go!  Fred Lefevbre from 1370 radio has always gone above and beyond to help us in this battle to wipe out MS; both by raising a lot of money for the cause as well as the many countless miles to cross that finish line on both days.

      We did manage to wrangle up quite a few of the team members for a team photo before the ride.  One thing we were told by many was, you could spot us from a mile away. 

     I was somewhat apprehensive about how this day would end up, but I had faith that my teammates would make sure we all made it to the end. 

       You can see some of our team members were able to take photos while they rode.  And some of us would rather hold on with two hands and smile:)
     And taking a photo from ahead, looking back, was a skill I certainly didn't possess.  
     Tom Gary was one of the troopers who set out to ride 75 miles both days.  I was sure he would do it!
          While a few of the speed demons broke away from the pack, we actually had quite a few that managed to stay together.  I believe it was the team work that got me through this ride.  There was no way we were giving up.

     Take a look at Maryann Mahaffey, as she waves and smiles at the camera... 


    This would be the same look she would have at the end of the ride.  She had more energy that if she were an actual frog.

     The camera man actually managed to get himself in this photo; even if it was only his shadow.

     So you can see, team leapfrog was well on our way! Rest stop number one, here we come!!   Check back to see how the rest of the ride went.

Have a great day!!


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