Friday, December 4, 2015

We all know about St. Nick; well this Nick is also a saint because he just joined my team!!

       We all know that Saint Nick brings presents on Christmas, but my new friend, Nick is also a saint, because he just joined my team!

     Once again, I was at the car dealership getting my car washed (and then it rained the next day...ugh) I started up a random conversation with yet another sales associate, Nick.

     While I was waiting for my car Nick and I started talking about the Bike To The Bay and I told him I had convinced a couple of the others to join my team.  Nick mentioned he rode in the BTTB a few years back.  You know that's all I had to hear before I started working my magic. I started with my pitch that I ride in spite of my MS and I started with a team of one... Surprisingly, Nick was an easy sell.  No arm twisting that day; he volunteered to join my team all on his own.  And yes, we got the camera out to document it, because that's just how I roll:)
    Some people commit just to make me happy, but Nick didn't take long to convince me he was serious.  Within the next week he had gone to the website and signed up; for both days no less!

     Like I said, Nick along with all of my friends who help me try to wipe out MS, whether you ride with me or donate to my team; in my book you are all saints.  And those are the best presents I could ever hope for:)

Have a great weekend!!


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