Friday, December 18, 2015

I may talk a lot, but it's a good thing people don't always listen:)

     It's funny how easily we find ourselves eating our words; but somehow it doesn't stop us from saying things we later regret.

     As you know, the 2016 Bike To The Bay season is already under way, and one of my first teammates to register for the upcoming year is my good friend Maryann; my right hand lady.  Last year she was by my side, encouraging me every step of the way, and I'm sure it was a challenge; I know it was for me...). But she made a promise to me that she would never leave my side, and she definitely made good on that promise. 

      The buddy system is a great idea in the Bike To The Bay, but in my case it's critical.  I never know from one minute to the next when my crazy brain and body will decide to stop talking to each other.
     Last year, that 55 miles was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do.  But that was due to the fact that over heating and dehydration are just enough to make my brain and muscles go on strike.  And my cooperative left leg has one heck of a time pushing that 20 pound hitchhiker on the right pedal for countless miles.

     I've since learned some things that I may want to modify for the up coming year, to make it a little less of a struggle.  However, Maryann recently reminded me that last year when I was about ten miles from the finish line and I was ready to throw in the towel, I made her promise to remind me how brutal it was, and just like child birth, time makes you forget just how much.

     But Of course, you know this stubborn Scorpio isn't going to let anything defeat her, so here I am signed up for yet another year, and anxious to see how many miles I make it before I start wining "never again" :) Last year, at every rest stop if I ever mentioned I couldn't feel my legs there was good old Fred LeFevbre, from 1370 radio, in my face telling me to quit my wining and get back on the bike...  I guess if someone older than dirt could do it, then so could I! Of course I mean that in a nice way:) Incidentally, I see Fred is signed up for the up coming year already as well.                           

     So any of you who would like to ride in 2016 but think you're out of shape, just think of me, and realize, if I can do it, anybody can!  Please join my team!

Oh, and registration is only 25.00 from now until the end of the year:) Please join my team!

Have a great weekend!!


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