Friday, December 25, 2015

The Miracle of Christmas

     The whole meaning behind Christmas is believing in the miracles of a man we've never even seen; but our faith helps us trust that things will always be okay, even if the path isn't what we expected.

     The same thing holds true for the man with the white beard and red suit.  We all know he makes the season jolly, even if his claim to fame is purely fantasy.  

     One thing, however, that seems to be a rite of passage from one generation to the next, is that infamous photo with Mr. Claus, and our little ones.  It leaves us with memories to last a life time.

     But the whole "Santa thing" is a process in and of it's self, because it's almost inevitable that our little ones, at one point or another will act as though they're being put through a torture chamber, before realizing this man's on their side.

     I know I have pictures from long ago of my own children looking less than thrilled to be sitting on the lap of this iconic wonder, Mr. Chris Kringle; it's just what we do...

     As you can see in this picture from last year, my grandbabies weren't the least bit interested in a visit with this scary old man.  I even mentioned at one point that they should consider making Santa look a little friendlier so the babies wouldn't fear him so much.  William was certainly giving it his best ditch effort to make a quick get away.
     But somehow as they learn to trust that this man is good, the tears seem to fade away.  Notice below, William is finally figuring it out, while poor little Connor isn't quite there yet.

      Then, it occurred to me... this is no different than what we as adults are also going through.  We sometimes experience fearful challenges in life that cause us to wonder how we'll ever get through them; but with a little faith, we realize that eventually things will work out, if we just believe; I know, I do:)

Merry Christmas!!


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