Friday, March 18, 2016

Intangibles aren't usually an easy sell; unless we're talking about my life.

     As you know, after my car bit the dust last fall I replaced it with a shinny new red one.  The only prerequisite was that my bike fit in the back; and it did.  It fit like a glove...

     So this spring I planned to cart it to every park and bike trail I could find.

     One thing they mentioned at the car dealership was that I could bring my car in to get it washed anytime I want.  I think they may be regretting they mentioned it, but my car has never looked cleaner.  They see me coming and hold their hand out for the keys:)

     Last Saturday I planned on getting it washed as usual and ironically, Friday, I got a recall notice for my car in the mail.  I'm not sure how serious it was but they said something about a possible fuel line leak... Now, I'm no rocket scientist, but that along with a smoking hot engine sounded like an explosion waiting to happen.  So I made sure to ask them about scheduling an appointment while I was there.  

     Surprisingly, the service department had time to work me in right then and there if I could wait 30 minutes while they did it.  I love multi tasking, so I told them to go ahead and fix it. 

     Of course, as I waited I had to find some way to entertain myself...
     I've already encouraged several of the employees to ride on my team in the bike to the bay over the past few months; but I'm sure I haven't hit everyone.

     As I was sitting in the service waiting area I decided to go take a  walk and maybe strike up a conversation with someone new.  Because... that's what I do...:)
      We all know on any given Saturday afternoon you can  find the salespeople out side milling around; looking for their next prospect.

     But I was inside watching for my next prospect as well:)

          Ironically, his name happened to be Chris so the name similarity alone was enough to hook him:)  I started a random conversation about the weather (isn't that how they always start...) and finally having my bike out on the trails.  Then I asked him if he's ever heard of the bike to the bay.  He said his parents were talking about riding in it this year.  I told him I have a team and I'm trying to build it up right now.  Of course I had to play the old "MS card" and knew he would be an easy sell. Sometimes I just look down at my brace and say "I ride" and no further selling is required.

     So as I had hoped, Chris told me he wants to ride as well, and he would ask his parents to join Team Leapfrog over the weekend.

     I asked him if I could take his picture for my blog to announce I had an interested new rider, and he was more than happy to oblige.  I've found two things to be true... people are almost always happy to let me put their picture in my blog and write about them, and people also become more committed to joining my team once I have it:)
          And to seal the deal I told Chris I would see him in a few days when I come back to get my car washed again and we can get him signed up then:)  How can he turn me down now?!
    I've never had a problem selling something tangible that I truly believe in; I've always been a salesperson by nature.  But when the thing I'm trying to sell is not tangible, but simply the hopes of a future free from MS it's very humbling to see how many amazing people go out of their way to help me:)

Have a great day!!


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