Friday, March 4, 2016

The month of March is MS awareness; but I'm fully aware of it year round.

     With some of the everyday challenges I face, it's impossible for me to lose sight of my good old "sidekick"; MS.  I spend so many of my days blogging about and talking about things like the bike to the bay, in order to raise awareness about this not so kind disease,  but I have to make sure not to make it who I am.

     But since March is MS awareness Month, I figured this would be the perfect time to get super serious about my team Leapfrog and the Bike To The Bay.

          My Leapfrog shirts are coming out of hibernation, and to all of my teammates who have a hard time thinking about riding in this cold weather, I say "It's only four months until the BTTB!!" I can't believe how quickly it's approaching us again!  My frogs and I are ready to leap back into it, and I really need all of your help:).

        Below you can see the photo with some of the 40 Leapfrog members from last year.  Like typical frogs, this was all I could gather in a bucket at one time for the photo... This year I'll try a little harder...

          In the next week or so I hope to get my bike off of my indoor trainer and back out on the trails...  and I hope to get a lot of others to join me!

     So If you're waiting for the perfect time to register for the Bike To The Bay, March is the perfect time to do it.  Remember, you can click on the Bike To The Bay tab at the top of this blog to register:) 

     If you aren't ready to start thinking about how cute those padded bike shorts will make you look this spring, but still want to help me kick this disease in the pants, you can still help me by donating to my team as well.  Click on that same tab and find Team Leapfrog:)  Oh, don't worry; I have four months to keep bugging you, but the sooner you help me, the sooner I stop bugging:)

     Thank you in advance to all of my friends who help me every year with my passion to put an end to MS.  I'm happy to say that because of the money raised we now have twelve therapies to slow down progression; which is twelve more than they had when I was diagnosed thirty one years ago!  There is no way I could ever give up hope for a cure.


          And as long as I'm able; you better believe this frog will ride!!

Have a great day!!


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