Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm ready for spring; but is my bike??

     I told you I was beyond ready for spring; I even got out on my bike for the first time about a week ago.  But I remembered that last fall I was starting to struggle a bit when I would put air in my tires.  The nozzles of the inner-tubes were dangerously loose, and I found myself crossing my fingers every time I pumped up my tires, in the hopes one of them didn't break off.  You can't inflate a tire with out them.

     One of the first things I learned when I got my new road bike was how to change a flat.

     This was just a mock-up; but if I got a flat you better believe I was ready.
          This past weekend we had a bit of a cold snap and I figured it would be the perfect time to take my bike to the bike co-op in downtown Toledo, where I always go to repair my bike.  my plan was to simply switch out the old inner-tubes for some new ones.
     Of course, it was a heck of a lot easier working on my bike when it was up on a vise.

        And being I had to get the old inner tubes off, then the first thing I had to do was take the tires off of the bike. 
     The next thing would be to deflate the tires. I had two little yellow levers to pry the tires out from under the rims; but once it was started, it became a battle of the wills to get these monsters off.  Of course you know I won:)
     Once I got the old tubes out and the new ones in place, I had to make sure there were no kinks before I inflated them again, or I could be looking at July 4th fireworks when I started pumping.
     But the hardest part was using every bit of muscle power I could muster up to put a hundred and twenty pounds of air into these skinny little tires; Yes, I know it was just 
"air pressure", but I could certainly never fit one of me inside them:D
     Once they were fully inflated, all I had left to do was put the tires back on my bike; and I would be all set for the next time I needed to fill them.  Incidentally, I was told that should be before every ride; but I think air can be over rated... :)

     This tiny little bike is a lot more complex than I ever used to think; but I'm always happy to learn something new.  Of course, the first time I get an actual flat tire you better believe there will be that little voice in my head that says "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? NOW WHAT DO I DO?!?"

          But isn't that what riding buddies are for?:)

Have a great day!!


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  1. I'd never thought about it before, but for a simple and small (to the uneducated eye) mode of transportation, there are a lot of crucial working parts on a bike! I would think you're right; maintenance and being prepared is part of the hobby but a flat on the trail is a crisis and why there are riding buddies.


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