Friday, July 22, 2016

I thought it was a family bike ride; turns out we were chasing Pokemon!

     Last weekend I actually went on three bike rides, though one trail was new to me, so I took many pictures and planned to share them with you.

     However, the third ride absolutely blew my mind, and I just had to tell you why.

     My collage age daughter, Lindsay, was in town for a few days and the night before, she and her brother, Matt, were out "catching Pokemon".  I know by now everyone has heard of this new fad, and I am at a huge loss as to why this crazy obsession is so big.  But at least they were getting out, and spending quality family time, so I didn't ask questions.

     The next morning Lindsay asked me if I wanted to go on a roller blade/ bike ride at the park with her and Matt.  How cool was this!?!  Not only are two of my "20 something" kids hanging out together, but they wanted to invite me along!

     So we piled in the car and started heading to Maumee Bay State Park.  I really enjoy riding my bike there and it was a bonus to be spending time riding with my kids.  It wasn't long before Lindsay said "Mom, slow down here!" I was wondering if I was being a lead foot, and she was looking out for our safety.  The two then began to stare into their phones while one says "there's one right by that hotel!".  Are you kidding me!?!?  I jokingly asked Lindsay if they only invited me along so I could drive while they catch Pokemon.  She replied "No, but it is a perk!!"

     So a short while later, after capturing several of these make believe creatures, we arrived at the park.  And I'll admit, it was a great day for a ride! 
     The park was packed with people flying kites for some kind of event, obviously having to do with kites:)

     As we ventured out, I began soaking up the amazing beauty right in front of us.  I asked Matt and Lindsay which way they wanted to go, and Matt pointed and said "this way...".  Okay, I didn't care where we rode, it was just nice to be spending time with my family.  But it wasn't long before we found ourselves parked at a picnic table.  Can you guess why...?

     Yep, it turns out this park was infested with those sneaky little varmints.  So I waited for them to finish whatever it is they were doing... and said "okay, why don't we start riding:)".  Matt says "lets go down this hill".  Of course, I love a good down hill ride!  We soon made or way to the bottom of this hill, were we found ourselves in front of an amphitheater.
     Matt informs Lindsay that this is a "Pokemon station".  (a what?!?!?)  So then the two of them plant themselves on a bench, noses buried in their phones...

     Isn't this nice!? My two kids sitting on a park bench "together"!

     They eventually got a little closer, but I was here for a bike ride, and I told them I was going to ride by the lake and they could catch up with me as soon as their creatures "hatched", "finished working out at the "gym" or whatever it is they do...
     Seriously!?!?!  Look what I found down by the lake!!  It was like something straight out of the twilight zone.  grown adult, "twenty somethings", everywhere, with their faces planted in their phones.  I know these young adults were living the whole Pokemon craze as kids, and maybe it's just a happy walk down memory lane.  But I still don't get it.

          Look at this gorgeous sky!!  Why were they looking at their phones!?  Ya know how you usually say "on your  left" as you pass others on a bike trail... Well, these people were so oblivious, that I found myself saying "heads up, pick a side, or hello... coming through!!"  Oddly enough, I did actually see one guy "talking" on his Phone.  I was tempted to say " What are you doing wasting your battery on a phone call!?!? Don't you know there are Pokemon everywhere, just waiting to be caught!?!"

     Matt and Lindsay finally met up with me, but those little caricatures were right there with us.  I asked Lindsay what the prize was for this "game", she replied "Bragging rights!!".  Well, now it all makes sense!!!  At the end of the day, at least we got to spend some time together.  

      It was kind of comical to see this picture Lindsay posted on Facebook, with the caption "At Maumee Bay State Park with Christine and Matt, rollerblading and biking!"  I guess if we all fit in one picture, then it must have been true:)  Of course, I'm not sure, but I might have been in a different time zone...

     I guess I still consider myself lucky to have spent some "quality" time with my kids, in the great out doors... even if Pokemon had to join us:)

Have a great day!!


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