Friday, July 1, 2016

The frogs Leaped over that finish line!! And we made a great team!!

     Well the day of the bike to the bay was finally here. And my cousin, Keith, from Florida had flown all the way up here to ride on my team.  (His arms had to be very tired...) No, of course, he went by plane:)  His kindness was overwhelming;  and he was only the first of many of kind friends to go above and beyond to help raise money for MS.  We live in a very kind world:)

      Though I had been anticipating this ride for an entire year, I'm not gonna lie, the memories of the brutal pain and physical exhaustion from last year's ride were beginning to come back to me.  I remember my body felt like cement. Yes, I was smiling on the outside, though, inside I was really praying this year would be less painful then the last.

     But Last year I did it all wrong.  This year I had a plan.  On my last ride I just wanted to get to the finish line fast and be done; so I didn't take the time my body needed to get back in the game.

     My hands, last year, were completely numb for the last ten miles of the ride.  I had to stop and shake the feeling back into them about every mile.  My poor riding buddies were forced to stop as well.  But they were true saints; they didn't mind one bit. And a friend had suggested gloves with more padding for the ride this year and I gladly took his advise.

     And another thing, last year my brain had long stopped communicating with my poor little legs, giving me the feeling of pushing the pedal around with a twenty pound bag of potatoes. Of course, that was my own fault.  I should know by now when my body gets over heated the two go to war.

     So here we are; Team leapfrog!  We managed to wrangle up quite a group for the photo this year:)

       It's very humbling to know all these awesome people are riding for me, and all of those who want to see that MS monster kicked to the curb.
       When I first arrived, Jennifer, from the National MS Society asked me if I minded being interviewed by Channel 13 local news.  Hello!!! She had to know what the answer would be.  I have a good story to tell, and all I need is a platform to tell it.
     As you can see in the background, the local station: I Heart Radio, was there as well.  I just love how the community comes together for this cause. 

     I'm sure you have to know wasn't lacking for words!

These are two of my peeps, Maryann and Dave, who were by my side every step of the way last year; and along with my cousin, Keith, I knew this year we would do just fine.
You'll notice there were a lot of riders anxiously waiting to start this ride.
I knew better to get in front of them; I waited until the speed demons took off before we would file in behind them. 
     Now all we needed was the official start, and we were on our way to another great ride.

      A few words from Kelly Hiedbreder at ABC news, and we would be off.

     This is just the start of my story.  I have too many pictures to share and more to say than you have time to read right now, I'm sure.  So check back next week to see how we did on our journey to the bay!!

Have a great day!!


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