Friday, November 11, 2016

Can't blame the MS this time!

          In the past, I've shared with you some of the unfortunate mishaps that I've experienced because I wasn't careful.  And in my defense, the times I've gone flying through the air I could attribute to my MS and crazy foot not cooperating with me. But this time I had no one to blame but myself...

     So it started out to be a calm, typical Tuesday morning at work, and I couldn't even blame it on Monday...  My job is to man the phones and the front desk.  But if I need a quick break the phones aren't going to answer themselves, So a co worker, Jenny, came up to relieve me.

     I know by now not to try to run because that only ends up in me flying trough the air.  But I quickly pulled open the heavy, swinging wooden door to the little girls room, turned on the light, and for some strange reason, unbeknownst to me, I put my other hand in the door jam.  I know... I have no idea why... but I don't always thinks things through.  You guessed it. The heavy door came swinging back like a pendulum!  

     I'm not gonna lie.  It felt like someone had chopped my finger right off. I looked, and thankfully there were still ten.   Now, if I wasn't in the restroom I would have surely dropped to my knees and and pass out for sure. but since that didn't seem like a good idea, I didn't... but as I supported myself with the vanity, I could feel my body heating up and I couldn't catch my breath.  It was my finger, so I'm not sure why, but I was totally sick to my stomach.

     I knew Jenny would start to wonder where I was, so I tried to shake it off and head back to the front desk.

     But as I got there I still felt like I was going to pass out, so I asked Jenny if she could give me a minute to catch my breath.  

     As any logical thinking person knows, ice should have been the first form of defense.  But I wasn't thinking logically, so when Jenny asked me twice if she could get me some ice, I told her I could just squeeze my finger until the pain stopped, so she could get back to work.
          See, this didn't look like it needed icing...
     Not bad at all...Right!?!?
     Until about two hours later... Yikes!
     I finally listened to another strong suggestion to ice it, but by this point it appeared I had missed my window.  My finger had already swelled up like a basket ball, and it felt like it could explode any moment.
     Then a couple suggestions to go to the doctor were made as well, but I knew the doctor would just say "ice it and pay on your way out".  I could save the time and money and do that on my own.

     Now I started getting a little nervous when my finger looked like it truly was going to fall off.  I kept trying to picture my hands with only nine...


     Of course, within a few days the swelling had gone down, and under neath my pink polished nails I could see the purple nail bed showing through.  Everyone told me I'll probably loose the nail.  Now I'm imagining my finger, nail-less... 

     I guess I just needed to see how bad the damage was, so I ripped the gel polish off, which probably wasn't the best way to do it.
     Surprisingly, it didn't look as bad as I would have thought.  But now my nails looked like a big hot mess.
     But nothing another manicure couldn't fix.
     A little glitter polish to camouflage the purple, and I was good as new!  And I guess according to the manicurist, doing one nail is a "thing"; who knew.
          I still don't know if my nail will fall off eventually.  Though, at least I don't have to stare at the purple anymore while I wait.
     But I'll be sure to have one last manicure with ten nails while I can:)
     I certainly learned a big lesson here... I might think I have all the answers, but sometimes I need to listen to others:)  Here's to ten fingers!!

Have a great day!!!


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