Friday, November 4, 2016

Is there a mouse in the house?!

        Most people would call an exterminator, but no one seemed to mind the Mouse in this house!! Mr. Chuck E. Cheez Has been a big Icon way back when my kids were tikes; and now the grand babies are carrying on tradition.

     When we decided to go just happened to be a Saturday night, and it seemed like the rest of the city had that same idea.  But without much coaxing we convinced uncle Matt to come with, and three adults to two little people was a perfect ratio; we had them out numbered!

             It was swarming with kids of all ages, I'll give you that; but spending time with these little guys was well worth the challenge of fighting through the crowd.
          And Uncle Matt loves video games, so he and William were ready to tackle these bad boys head on!  There were tickets just waiting to be earned:)  But first they needed pizza for fuel, as any serious gamer will tell you.
     This dynamic duo didn't take long to begin to tackle the millions of games surrounding them.

       But Conner found his own buddy to hang out with.

     William may not be as big as Uncle Matt, but he certainly seemed to keep up.  And he had to show mommy just how it's done:) 
     You can't see it, but this train had real steam coming from it's engine, and it obviously didn't take much to impress Conner.

     They call this a game, but if you ask me, I thinks these boys were taking a nap, before they headed back out to the trenches.
          A quick selfie with my little bud...

 then it was time for Conner to show Amma his skills...

     This game below may have been too small for Uncle Matt, but he seemed to have fun watching his little nephew conquer it.

     Incidentally, this one was the perfect size for Conner, and he may have even been showing mommy the ropes...

     It sure looks like William was feeling right at home with no shoes on; after all, comfort is important in his strategy...

     We may have battled a million kids this day, but we had a million smiles as well...

     And at the end of the day, I would swim through an ocean of screaming kids over and over, just to get one smile:)

Have a great day!!


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