Friday, November 25, 2016

I guess your really can go home again.

     Over the past 54 years I sure have packed a lot of info into my tiny little brain.  And I'm beginning to think it's the Bermuda Triangle.  Some information gets buried so far that not even Houdini could make it reappear. 

     Lets think back to my childhood... I can't even remember what I did last weekend; How am I supposed to remember what happened 45 or fifty years ago.

     However, through the magic of Facebook, a neighborhood friend from my early childhood somehow found me.  It was truly magic because I'm guessing I look quite different then I did when I was 8 or 9, and my name... not only is it different, but not even my closest friends could spell it.

     But Heather mysteriously found me, along with several other friends from our childhood.

     I vaguely remembered her three brothers, Chris, Darren and the baby, Todd, along with Heather, when I dug deep inside my brain; but the actual details were impossible to retrieve.

     Heather and her brothers live all over the country at this point, but they had planned to take a road trip to their old stomping ground; in the hopes of taking a walk down memory lane.

     After several messages back and fourth, surprisingly, eight of us, including a couple of our parents, were able to meet up.
     I'll be honest, I couldn't pick most of these guys out of a  police line up; though Heather's brother, Chris, said he recognized me right away.  That in it's self was impressive. 
     Of course, you know I'll talk to random strangers in a heartbeat, so even if the memories were buried I had no problem making conversation.
     And these guys really did their homework; pulling up pictures I didn't even remember posing for.  But I do recognize my own face, so I must have been there.
     In case it isn't obvious, I'm the one with the long hair on the right...
     I certainly hope these guys were able to recreate some child hood memories on their venture; I know I have some new memories to store in my brain now (move over grade school history...)! It's amazing how 45 years later we had so much to talk about.
     Thanks for looking us up Heather!  I guess you really can go home again:)

Have a great day!!


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