Friday, February 17, 2017

Ever ride a giant sling shot?? try it; you just might like it!!

          So I told you my trip to Florida was filled with many exciting events.  Well swimming with the Manatees was hard to top, but it was surely never a dull moment.

     When my cousin, Keith, picked me up at the airport, the first thing I did was pull out my sunglasses case.  I can't believe I almost forgot to grab that case, but the night before I was reminded that I would certainly need them, more so down in Florida than I've needed up in gloomy Ohio over the past few months.  Good thing I was prepared...

     Or was I... I had my case, but when I opened it I found it to be empty.  Then I remembered, they were resting comfortably in the over head compartment of my car back home.  UGG!!  No worries though.  We would simply zip into Walmart and buy another pair.

     I really hate wasting money, especially when I had two perfectly fine pairs of sunglasses back home.  So we headed over to the clearance rack to find some cheapies.   Besides, I would probably just end up loosing them any way.  Of course, the cheaper the glasses, the less likly you are to loose them.

     But check this out... I actually found a pair marked all the way down to one buck!  You know that old saying "things go on clearance for a reason".  Well I don't think I have to wonder why these things were marked down.  I actually was surprised that they didn't pay me to remove them from their inventory.

     I didn't care if they looked like clown glasses.  I was clear across the country and no one would even know me.  Now, Keith might have some explaining to do:)
     Do these look like one buck sunglasses to you!?!?  Uh... I'm told they do:)  Hey, one thing I can promise you is if I drop them out of a boat they will surely find their way back to me:)

     Once we had that minor dilemma solved we were off to the shell factory for some zip lining.
     When I think of zip lining, I think of hiking to the top of a mountain and then zipping back down on a cable.  But this was actually like having your cake and eating it too.  There was no mountain to climb, yet we still got the thrill of the sport.

          Is this perfect or what?!  we simply climbed into this ski lift type chair and it slowly moved us backwards, across this pond.

        The first half of the ride was kind of like a sky ride at an amusement park...
          Slow and steady...


     Then all of a sudden you become the rock inside a giant sling shot.  Once we reached the other side we were catapulted back, faster than the speed of light.
     Now, this was my idea of fun!  No hiking, but a definite rush non the less.
        Incidentally, this was the first adventure Keith took me on while I was down there.  I think he wanted to give me a false sense of security, because this was by far, the least amount of effort I would be exerting for the rest of my stay.  Lets just say I got my daily work outs in with out coming near a gym.

     Oh, by the way, those one dollar cheapy glasses... I conveniently left them behind, just in case some poor soul visiting Keith forgets their own pair and doesn't want to invest in more.  But Keith assured me he would make sure they made their way back to me, whether it was UPS or he had to drive them up to me himself.  

     What did I tell you... When all is said and done, it doesn't matter how much you invest in something... if it's meant to be, some how it will eventually find it's way back to you:)

Have a great day!!


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