Friday, February 24, 2017

My first out door bike ride of the year and it's only February!

     So my bike has been on a trainer since October, and though I ride it often, indoors, I have been longing for an outdoor bike ride.

    Of course that wasn't going to happen up here in T town, so I had to follow the sun to do it.  Just one more of the many exciting things I did while I was visiting my cousin in Florida was to go on a critical mass bike ride in down town Fort Myers.

     I did it last year and we rented a tandem bike to make it a little easier on me.  After all, Keith made sure to give me plenty challenges so I could check off my bucket list, and this year would be no different.

     In Florida the bike rides seem to be late in the evening.  I'm guessing because mid day is just too scorching hot so close to the equator. That, and I'm sure they wanted it to be dark so they could show off their funky Christmas lights strung all over their bikes. I guess they didn't know Christmas was over...

      As you can see, there were a ton of people, and this ride was very well organized, unlike the critical mass ride I did in downtown Detroit last summer.  Those Michiganders were more interested in making a statement than enjoying the ride.
     And downtown Fort Myers looks a heck of a lot different than Downtown Detroit as well.  No graffiti on this bike ride. 
     Though there were no casualties on this ride, at one point I did think our tandem bike was going down.  But thanks to Keith's quick reaction to an out of control bike on our left, we got through unscathed.  Which was a good thing because I'm not a fan of road rash.

     You won't see any palm trees where I come from, and it was definitely a sight to see.
     So this was just one more of the fun filled activities I did while down in good ol Sunny Florida, and it's true, it wasn't a first for me; But one thing I will tell you is, it doesn't matter where you are in this world, It's always just like riding a bike:)

Have a great Day!!


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