Friday, May 12, 2017

I invite you to walk (or ride) a mile in my shoes:)

     Well friends, I may have actually done it!  I think I have finally found the perfect shoes!  Or at least ones that allow me to safely ride my bike.  Now, walking in them is a whole other story... 

     I look pretty confident standing here next to my cute little bike, don't I?!  Well, I get out on the bike trail and not so much.  But the one thing we know all too well is, this bike isn't going to ride it's self.  I needed to figure this out.  Fingers crossed that I did.
        As you remember, my first challenge was to get a pedal that would keep my foot on the pedal. Done.  Then I needed shoes that would slide in and out of the pedal in a seconds notice. I think I found them!

     They are in fact, slim lined, and as an added bonus, they're pink, which is my favorite color, orange,which is the color that represents MS, and the laces match my leapfrog jerseys!  I have it covered!

     I wanted to take a picture to show you how well these shoes work with the new pedals, but I have to admit, that ten second timer on my phone is clearly not as long as I would think... Seriously!?!?!
     But after several more attempts, and a little grumbling, I finally beat that crazy timer!
     it sure looks like it works now, doesn't it:)  Guess it's finally time to hit that trail!  See you there:)

Have a great day!!


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