Friday, May 26, 2017

This trail isn't big enough for the six of us!

     With the bike to the bay quickly sneaking up on me, I've started to realize, I just need to hit the trail when ever I can find the time.  Schedules with riding buddies don't always match mine, so Olander park, my safe trail, has become my go to.
     As you can see, the trail is perfect!  And an added bonus is, I get to enjoy all of the beautiful wild life while I ride.

     Remember a couple months ago I was so excited to see all of the baby geese... 

What a pleasant treat to help me pass the time.

     However, I had to realize those babies wouldn't stay little forever.  They were now almost half the size of their mother.  though every bit as cute as before.  I could just watch them frolic in the grass by the lake as I rode around it.

    Of course, these cute little creatures were also getting very comfortable with all of us intruders who invade there home from day to day.  They weren't about to let us alter their lifestyle.
     As you know all to well, you never brake for birds because they always fly away at the last second, as you approach them.  But not these guys.  They never even skipped a beat.  I found myself coming to a complete stop time and time again.  As I hollered "shoe!" They gave me a look as to say "you shoe; we live here!"
     They had a point.  I was encroaching in their space and I had to adjust accordingly.  I guess it's no different than my life in general.  When I get thrown a curve ball I just have to adjust and move on.

      If I really want to live life to the fullest, I have to accept the changes; hurdles and all.

 But I do have to admit, it is so much cuter watching it from the sidelines.

Have great day!!


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