Friday, May 19, 2017

If it wasn't for that voice in my head I may have never gotten back out there!!

     Well I spent most of the winter trying to solve the problem of my foot and pedal, and mid May is well beyond the time I should be back riding out doors.  I really needed a push to get me outside again.

     Truth be told, I was getting so comfortable with riding my bike on my nice safe indoor trainer, that I was dreading the day I had to get my butt back out on the road, and balance on my own.  It was a challenge in itself already, but add those new pedals and the anxiety took over.

     At this point I needed to either conquer my fear, or come up with a million more excuses why my indoor trainer was just fine.  Essentially, my trainer was glorified "training wheels".  There was absolutely no way I could get my foot stuck and wipe out. But I needed to just get it over with, even if it meant getting my first case of "road rash". I know the best riders kiss the pavement eventually.  But I wasn't in  the mood...

     Last Sunday was the pick day of the season, and weather was no longer an excuse.  So I took my bike off of my trainer, packed it in my car, and headed over to Olander park; my "safe place".
     I couldn't argue; this day was perfect!  and that park bench by the lake would be a great place to spend it, but my bike wasn't gonna ride it's self...
     I had everything I needed for a serious bike ride and now there was no reason not to get out there and do it.

     My first sign I wasn't alone was this frog on the garbage can.  And as you know, a frog is my guardian angel.

     As I pushed that new pedal for the first time, I began to realize I actually had this!  Now if I could just take a lap or two around this lake, I could get the feel, and then I could chalk it up to my first ride.  There's always next time for that serious ride:)

     But then that voice in my head just kept encouraging me to push on and before I knew it I had gone sixteen laps around that lake!  That's sixteen miles for my first ride of the season!  

     I guess I don't need that indoor trainer as a safety net after all.  I realize no matter where I am, whether I'm safe inside, or out on the the trail, my trainer is always with me!

Have a great day!!


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