Monday, September 23, 2013

My reason for riding


It all started when I wrote a letter to the riders after the last Bike MS: Reeves Northrup Memorial Bike-to-the-Bay; thanking them for riding in this event on my behalf, because I could never ride it myself.  

     When a friend asked “Why don’t you think you can ride?”  I chuckled and thought "What a silly question!"  But then I thought about the question again… Without trying I couldn’t accurately make that statement.  I didn’t know for certain that I could, but I also didn’t know for certain that I couldn’t.  “Can't” is a word not often found in my vocabulary.  I have to try first before I can accurately make that statement.  Some things, however, are no-brainers, like, I know I can’t fly… unless of course I trip, which I’ve tried already and wouldn’t recommend, the landing isn’t pretty!

     The only way to find out if I could do this was to try.  There happens to be a 35 mile route and that seemed like a good place to start.  Yes, I have one leg that doesn’t always like to cooperate, but I also have another leg with enough attitude for both of them.  Besides, I’ve driven 35 miles a million times before; it didn’t seem that far looking out a car window…

     When I started telling everyone about my “brilliant” idea, I got a lot of mixed reactions; some said, “Good for you, I think you should try it”.  Others said, “Are you crazy?!?”  So it was confirmed; yes I should try it and yes I was crazy.  If I could pull in a few more crazy people with me than it will all be worthwhile.  My journey would soon begin…

Have a great day!


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