Monday, September 30, 2013

The support was overwhelming

     As I was attempting to build a committee to help with sponsorships, I knew all I had to do was start talking and I would have takers... That, or maybe they were volunteering just to get me to quit talking.  Oh well, whatever it takes!

     First, I approached my friend Karen Evans because she has a kind heart and I know she loves to volunteer her time for a good cause.  As I expected, she was totally on board! What makes a good team is a lot of people with different strengths.  Karen was very familiar with creating websites and happens to be a blogger herself, so she offered to help me create this website and Allison Wait, a talented high school student from Sylvania Northview, created the awesome frog artwork you see on the blog's header, now we're on our way!  Thanks Karen and Allison!

Have a great day!


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