Friday, January 8, 2016

I might not be perfect; but I'm certainly good enough!

          Growing up with three brothers and a baby sister, my childhood seemed, at the time, insignificant.  Nothing about me stood out, and it was easier to sit back and say very little, than to wonder if what I had to say was of value.

     This was the case all through my grade school years, and it wasn't until many challenges and life lessons that I realized that what I had to say was, in fact, important.

     A few weeks ago, my long time friend, Lisa McCutcheon who I knew since I learned to walk, informed me that there was talk of a mini St. Clement class of 77 grade school reunion, hopefully taking place over the holidays.  All these years the only ones I really kept up with were Lisa and Anita Schmitz, and my curiosity had gotten the best of me.  I really wanted to go and see what had become of my peers.
     The person in charge of the details was Michael Duffey, who was the most popular kid in our class.  We may have exchanged two words in that eight year period if any, but those were different times.

     I was the second one to arrive, and though I could have never picked Michael out of a police lineup, standing there was a man who seemed to look like he recognized me, and it turned out to be him.

     Now, for any of you who know me today, you can imagine I've already told my whole life story before Michael had gotten his first word out.  But when he did, his comment to me was "You were so quiet in grade school!"  I told him that was because back then I didn't think I was good enough.  He asked me why I thought that, and I explained to him that that little girl didn't know any better.  She felt like she wasn't smart enough, or rich enough, or pretty enough, therefore, she felt like she had nothing to say.

     Michael replied that he remembered me being pretty, but I was extremely quiet.  I told him "was" is the operative  word.  I've since learned that I have plenty to say.  After raising three children, while surviving breast cancer, and living with MS for over thirty years, along with the many battle scars I've endured over time, I now know that everything I have to say is important; maybe not to everyone, but "someone".
     It was great seeing my old classmates; though unfortunately, only a mere handful were able to make it.  As the evening progressed we somehow got on the topic of going back and changing things in our life, and I admitted that there is not one thing about my life that I would ever want to change.  My life has made me who I am today. 

          I've come a long way since that little girl from 40 years ago, and it's all due to the many hurdles I've crossed.  And after riding my bike 55 miles with my team of 40 to cross that finish line in the MS Bike To The Bay last year, it confirmed that no hurdle is too high if you want it bad enough.
     To that little girl who thought she had nothing to say so many years ago, I say "It's true, I may not be perfect... but I'm certainly good enough!"

Have a great weekend!!


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