Friday, January 15, 2016

Okay, so maybe we didn't dodge winter; but at least the sun's still shining:)

     I'm sure we remember all too well, that the past few winters in our neck of the woods have been one great big arctic freeze.  Sub zero temps and three feet of snow have made us all think we would be better off living in Alaska.

     But this year I decided I was sick and tired of the freezing cold weather and maybe by mental telepathy I could convince Mr. Freezemiester to leave us alone this year.

     I was beginning to believe it had worked, because all the way through the month of December we practically had bathing suit weather.  I just knew this year I might actually dodge winter.

     Sure, freezing cold, snow, and ice isn't any big deal to the average "Joe"; but just as my crazy body turns into the tin man (or to be PC; tin person...) in the heat and humidity, it's also a crazy mess in the freezing cold as well.  If you can imagine walking on stilts, wearing roller skates...on a sheet of ice... ugh!

     Through the second week of January I was more and more convinced that this was going to be a tropical winter; however this week I had a rude awakening.  That white powder decided to rear his ugly face; and he brought that awful arctic chill with him.

     Looking at the glass half full has always been my way of getting through life, though at this point I was trying very hard to find anything positive to fill it with.  But If you know me, I don't quit looking until I find that silver lining.

     I just had to go to my happy place, and I knew that silver lining would find me.  So I went to my favorite park; my safe place; the place I go when I want to ride my bike by myself and just think.  Of course, it was no condition for a bike ride this day, but I still had the memories and I certainly could still think.
          That silver lining was waiting for me right in that park.  True, there was not a single visible human being in the entire park, but I certainly didn't feel alone; the sun was shining brighter than you could ever imagine; in spite of that blanket of snow.

     It may not have been hot enough to melt the snow and ice, but I could feel it's warmth from the inside out.  it was like a great big hug, telling me that good days were ahead of me if I could just be patient.

      I have a feeling this winter isn't going anywhere, anytime soon, but with the sun over my shoulder, I absolutely found my glass half full... and then some:)

Have a great weekend!


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