Friday, April 1, 2016

All I needed was a helmet; who needs legs!?

     This is the look of one very naive' girl.  Who would have known almost three years ago I would be trading my legs in for a bike...

     Above you'll see the very first picture of me with my shinny new helmet, after I decided to ride in the bike to the bay; and this was also the beginning of my new found love of cycling. Who needs legs anyway...:)

     And this was my old "comfort bike" when I started training; jeans, a T-shirt and five miles was my limit.

          I was pretty proud of myself when I hit the university parks trail for the very first time with my "bike attire" (Hey, it was a step in the right!?)

     And in this picture below... I may not have looked like a ninja; though I sure felt like one!  I planned to take on this mission head on!

     But that very first Bike to the Bay made me realize that it didn't matter what I looked like.  In fact, in this picture below, with wearing that nerve zapper on my leg, I feel like I looked more like an inmate out in a prison yard than a cyclist (though that goofy outfit would have made me a serious target for a good pummeling...).

          The serious rider will tell you that the ride is all about being arrow dynamic.  For this you need the lightest bike, perfect bike shorts, as well as a professional bike jersey.

     I consider myself serious for sure; but the only thing I'm serious about is that one day I will put MS in it's place!

                           Who needs legs anyway!!!

Have a great day!!


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  1. True that we can use tires to beat up MS. :)

    Keep peddling, my friend!!


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