Friday, April 15, 2016

Everyone's an athlete; even if it's all in your head.

     If you live anywhere north and east of the Mississippi River I don't need to tell you last weekend was a rude awakening, when we got pummeled with upwards of seven inches of snow in some areas, and it was the middle of freak'n April!  What?!?!  But if you don't live there you also knew all about it because social media was infiltrated with pictures to prove it.

     I, for one, can tell you, I am sick and tired of winter! And If I have to get up one more day and do my workout inside rather than getting out on a bike trail I think I'll scream!  But I did it... and no, I didn't... (scream)

     After I argued with myself about how much I hate to get up and do my treadmill and strength training every single day, and it's not fair... I just got up and did it.

     Ironically, I still think of myself as very athletic.  The days of rollarblading, running and walking the golf course with my bag on my back are distant memories, but in my dreams they are still very real.  In fact, I have turned in my physical athlete card, and replaced it with a mental one.

     For a very long time I've been playing mind games with myself; trying to convince my brain to let my stubborn side take the driver seat, while battling the muscle loss MS causes; and maybe, just maybe, I'll still be strong enough on the day they finally announce that they now have a way to repair the damage this crazy monster has done to my poor little brain.  But this battle of the wills goes on every single day.  

      Last Saturday when I got up and discovered that untimely blanket of snow, I knew it meant once again riding the bike trails would be put on hold, and I would have to force myself to continue to workout indoors, day after day, until the weather clears.

     Fortunately, the rain came in Sunday and the snow was short lived... Not to be a complainer, but rain isn't good for bike rides either...

     However, when the rain ended and the snow was almost gone, the weather was still a far cry from what I consider prime for a bike ride.  Though the geese didn't seem to mind...

       The spring flowers refused to give in, even if mother nature was playing tricks on them, and with any luck I will actually get out on a bike trail this weekend!
     Whether I ride outside, or force myself to do that eternal, dreaded, indoor workout, this mind game is one sport I will continue play, day after day for as long as it takes, because when I ask myself that daily question "why do I have to get up and work out every. single. day!?"  My answer is always  "because right now... I can!!:)

Have a great day!!



  1. Are you planning to do the bike to the bay again? Ed and Mary Glowacki


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