Friday, April 29, 2016

I earned my "green belt" in bike riding!

     I've told you I started training for the bike to the bay, and my first ride on the University Parks trail was a reminder of just a few of the things that could go wrong on a bike ride.  But that was only the beginning of what I had to re-learn after a winter away from the trails.  It might be just like riding a bike, but I found myself re-training a lot of my muscles all over again.

     This ride was on the Green Belt Parkway;  on the out skirts of downtown Toledo.
          As you can see, part of this trail looked very much like a bike trail...

     But it wasn't long before we would be leaving that traditional flat bike trail for one that is more of an obstacle course than anything. 
     This trail went under I 280 and it was quite a challenge dodging the rocks in our path, as well as the broken glass that was a result of broken bottles thrown from passing motorists...
          The biggest challenge, however, was re-training my muscles that help me climb steep hills.  Even though I've been strength training all winter, the muscles that help me with the huge inclines must have been in hibernation, because it was a workout like no other...  Going under the interstate meant that the hill that took me barreling downwards had also left me with the tedious job of climbing back up. 
     As much of a challenge as this ride was; it was also a really cool experience to be riding under the interstate!
     And the next thing I knew I found myself riding on the Craig Street Bridge, over the Maumee River...  
     I love a great bike trail filled with flowers and wild life; but I also love the challenges this urban setting gave me.
     I certainly earned my "green belt" on this Green Belt Parkway, and I was more than ready to face my next challenge.  Though there is one thing I'm starting to realize; and that is bike trails are a lot like every day of my life... I'm never certain how it's going to go; but when it's over I find myself thankful for the lesson!

Have a great day!!


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