Friday, August 5, 2016

How do I make sense of life and death?? FAITH

     I know blogging has always been my way of sharing with you how I get through life with all the challenges put in front of me.  But today I have to take a different vein.

    This weekend we say our final good-byes to my big brother Kevin, and at 56 years young, it was way too soon.  This wasn't supposed to happen to us.  Other people lose siblings at an early age, but it never happens in real life.  Not to me...
Kevin: back row, center

   Kevin was the kindest man you'll ever meet, and his laugh was infectious.  In fact, all of my siblings have always had each other's back.  Though we all appear to be cut from a different cloth, we never let that break our bond.  It was assumed that we would grow old together, driving each other crazy, but we all loved each other and would go the distance to prove it. 

     After many tears and feelings of anger, I've learned that making sense of why he left so soon, turning our "perfect" family of five siblings into four, in the blink of an eye, is a heck of a lot harder than learning how to adjust to a life filled with challenges.  Now I needed to figure out why someone so special can be put on this earth, only to leave before we're ready.  

    But that's where my faith comes in.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most religious person there is.  However, I'm extremely passionate when it comes to spirituality.  We all have a purpose for being here, even if we aren't certain what it is.  Everything happens for a reason.  Though, Kevin made a huge mark, having many friends, and a very big heart, so it's obvious why he was put here.  And now that his mission on earth is over, his Father has called him home.  And I'm certain he's our guardian angel up in heaven, looking over all of us.

     I come from a family who is big on hugs, and we're never afraid to say "I love you". 

    My faith and up bringing has helped me process all of this immensely, because I have no regrets, or thoughts of "if I only had one more day, I would have let him know."  We very seldom get a warning, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been raised in a family who has learned that today is the day.  Tomorrow may be too late.  In this case, I'm certain Kevin knew it:)  Til we meet again big Bro!! "I love you":)

Have a great day!!


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