Friday, August 26, 2016

My five year birthday; And I'm still fighting like a girl!!

     If you were to listen to me five years ago, you would have heard me ask "why this too?!"  I remember all too well hearing my Oncologist recite the five year survival statistics.  But five years later I realize it was just one more test of my strength.  Some people only need one thing to find out how strong willed they are.  In my case, the breast cancer seriously put my MS in perspective.  

     On Monday August 29th I will be celebrating my five year birthday! This was the day I had my mastectomy and vowed to start living life as a gift, rather than an entitlement.  But just because I'm still here five years later doesn't mean I've given up the fight to battle all of life's challenges head on.  Only now it just makes me focus on the many second chances put in front of me.

     "Fight like a girl" has been the motto among breast cancer survivors for a very long time, and I believe it's because this is when we find out just how strong  women actually are.
     Below is a picture of my daughter Lindsay and I, at the Race for a cure, held in downtown Toledo.  It had only been one year at this point, but I saw all of the other fighters, and knew I had this as well.  Lindsay was the field commander for the Northview High School band, which was playing that day, and she made this shirt in my honor.  It was confirmation of just how much compassion all of my children have, and how fortunate I am to be blessed with them. 
     I've learned not to take anything for granted over the last five years, but seeing the fight so many others are going through as well, makes all of the daily obstacles seem like just one more test to convince me to always continue to "fight like a girl":)

Have a great day!!


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