Friday, September 2, 2016

No swans at Swan Creek, but there were a ton of Pokemon!!

    Some days it's like pulling teeth just to find a riding buddy.  This particular Friday I had two possible chances for a bike ride, and both fell through.  Riding in one of the parks by myself was always an option, but not my first choice.

     However, my son, Matt, had just mentioned he had been roller blading  at Swan Creek Park recently, and it was heavily populated with those crazy Pokemon creatures.  I would have thought that fad would have died down by now, but I only saw this as an opportunity to snag a riding buddy, so I didn't ask questions.  We were soon on our way.

     Again, just like my last rollerblade/bike ride, this one also included a lot of starts and stops, after all, we were on a mission.  Truth be told, I love an excuse to stop and check out the scenery.  My buddies on bikes don't usually stop to sight see; we're there to "ride!"  

       Those little critters were going down, for sure!

     Remember as kids, our parents preached to us that they walked five miles to school, in five feet of snow, uphill both ways... Well this ride kind of felt like that.  There were a lot of steep hills and it sure felt like we were climbing more than coasting.  I know the laws of gravity would say I was wrong, but maybe we were defying the laws of gravity.
     I told you I absolutely hate gravel trails, but wooden trails!?!?!  No thanks!!  However, Matt knew there was a Pokemon stop at the end so he and his Rollerblades ventured on.  I stayed back and waited; I'm not crazy!!  We'll, not about this:)
     It's hard to tell by the photo whether this was up hill or down, but it had to be down hill; if I had stopped to take a photo going up hill I would have never had enough steam to make it up.  However, barreling down a hill and making a sharp turn at the bottom is a real challenge in itself.
     I know this park is named Swan Creek, but I'm really not sure why; I never see any swans in it.

     But then again, we were supposedly catching Pokemon, and I never once saw one of those either...

     So we're back at our car, and I soon learned that this ride wasn't over until we caught that last mischievous little Varmet. 
         We sat there and waited patiently for several minutes before Matt finally caught him, and I decided I may need to schedule an appointment with my eye doctor, because I didn't see it at all... Do you think we were also surrounded by swans and I just couldn't see them either?!?!  I guess we'll never know:)

Have a great day!!


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