Friday, December 2, 2016

The only wheels you'll see me on outside now is my car:) But that won't stop me from riding!

     I love riding my bike, and my favorite part of the ride is being outdoors and enjoying the scenery.  But I know my limits, and my days of riding out side are over for the season.  However, I'm not done riding!

     Riding indoors and staring at a wall listening to music isn't ideal, but it'll work in a pinch.  Though, the challenge I had was putting my bike on that dreaded stationary trainer.  The last two years I had a riding buddy set it up for me.  In the blink of an eye I was up and running.

     Of course I shouldn't have blinked, because I had no idea how he did it.  Remember me and that "teach a man to fish" theory; I should have learned to "fish".  

     This year it was impossible to find a time when my buddy could set me up.  Looks like I would have to teach myself to fish.

     But you know me, I'm resourceful.  Where there's a will there's a way! That, and You-tube doesn't hurt either.  I watched the guy put his bike on his trainer and I knew I had this.
     My bike was now inside, so this was going to happen; no turning back now.
     I had my front wheel stabilizer out and ready, and the trainer was next to my bike.  If I was Sabrina from Bewitched I could just wiggle my nose and it would be on... but since I'm not, I won't.
     The guy on the video conveniently had another guy balancing the front of the bike to keep it from tipping.  I didn't have an extra set of hands; remember, that's why I was doing it on my own.
     Of course, my bike had to go near the wall because I needed to make room for my mat for yoga and strength training,and of course my treadmill had to fit too.
     If you know me, you know I always have a plan, and my plan was working out perfectly.  Everything fit nicely, and now all I had to do was start taking parts off of my bike and then screwing the trainer back on to the tire.
     I knew from the video that this little guy had to come off of my bike...
        Presto!  Simple enough.  

     Then put the one from the trainer back on.  Oddly enough, it looked just like the one I just took off.  What was the point...
     It sure looked like it was mission accomplished.
     And I did it all by myself!!

Don't you just love when a plan comes together?!?

And a bonus... I have one more part than I started with... Oops:)  I sure hope that wasn't important.

        I guess I'll find out eventually... Until that time, I think I'll hold off on riding.  I taught myself to fish, I can't help it if one fish got away.
          Okay, so I might not be perfect, but one thing I am is determined.  And no one can say I didn't try!

Have a great day!!


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  1. Christine, I’m on my “catching up world blog tour.” Of course, I especially love catching up with your blog because "right in your backyard" is my backyard too! :)

    I love seeing all the fun stuff you're doing with the grand babies! It was a good plan to have the adults out numbering the kids to go to Chuck E Cheez! I remember “kidnapping" a friends boy and girl a number of years ago for a day with Aunt Nani and Uncle John to give their mom a break. It was fun, but boy, were we exhausted at the end of the day! Even ratio with The kids was brutal! LOL

    Although tinged with a little jealousy, thank you, thank you for all the pics from the parks! Especially the fall ones since I haven't been out much recently. Come spring I plan to make up for this year with gusto!

    OW, the fingers in the door! But rocking the latest fashion trend in nail painting is SO Christine for a solution to the Black and blue under the nail! But congrats on "learning to fish” without sticking yourself with a hook. ;) Let me know if you figure out where the extra spring came from. I mean, well, it could just be "manufacturer job security.” Phantom extra parts to get you to call in for tech support.

    We're long overdue for a coffee and gab session! The Starbucks we used always go to is closed, so we'll have to choose a new one. In must've only been crowded when we were there. ;) We rockstar-types do tend to draw a crowd.


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