Friday, January 27, 2017

Do ya think I can dodge the snow that's heading for T Town?!

     February is my absolute worst month of the year; and yes I know it's the shortest month, but it feels like a hundred days.  Nothing but cold and snow from morning til night.  

     Remember last February? This is what it looked like!

     But at least I was able to escape the brutal weather for a few days, by flying down to visit my cousin, Keith, in Florida.  February is a great month for a trip to Florida, but come summer, the humidity would absolutely kick my butt.

     The past three years I've made it my mission to challenge myself and step out side of my comfort zone;  and Keith made sure to find things that would push me to my limit.  

     I've never been a fan of heights, but the first year I found myself five hundred feet up in the air, tethered to the back of a boat like a kite.  I survived... that time...

     But I guess he didn't think that was far enough out of my comfort zone, so my next challenge was para-sailing 1500 feet up in the clouds. 

      the only thing between me and that brutally painful crash landing was a thin piece of canvas being held up by a gust of wind.  But I wasn't worried... if we crashed, my instructor would hit first, and I'm sure he would break my fall...

     But this still wasn't enough to make me crack.  I came out of that one unscathed as well.

      Now,  last year, when I found out I was going to be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane from 13000 in the air I wondered who was the crazy one now...

     But I tell you, I am resilient!  I wasn't about to pass up any challenge.

     So here we are again; next week I make my annual trip down the the good old sunshine state, and I have to wonder how he could possibly come up with a challenge higher that the last one.

     Well, I soon realized, up isn't the only way to go.  This time he tells me we will be swimming with some giant sea creatures, called Manatees.  

      It kind of reminds me of Ursula from the little mermaid;  that was one scary fish!  We went and looked at them on a previous trip, but I was on the other side of the H2O.  Now I'm going to see what it's like to walk in the shoes (or swim in the fins) of a sea creature.

I can't wait!!

Have a great day!!



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