Friday, April 21, 2017

I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too:)

     If there's one thing I never bet all my money on, it's the weather forecast.  I think I can flip a coin as well as any Meteorologist:)  But that doesn't help me any when I'm trying to plan my transition from my indoor riding to outside.

     Taking my bike off the trainer is a real pain in the kiester; and putting it back on is no picnic either.  But for crying out loud, it's well into April already, and I eventually have to just do it.  

     I never thought I would be lobbying for riding my bike inside, but once it's out side my inside training is over, and if it's cold or raining I'm missing a lot of good training time.  As it is, I ride my bike four times a week inside.  

     But if anything was going to nudge me, it was seeing one of my bike trails with the warm sun radiating the sky.  


And I would much rather be riding under the high level bride on a bike, than over it in a car.
     I was actually here only by chance.  My mom and I were going to an MS drug rep meeting in downtown Toledo, and believe it or not, we were there early and had a few minutes to kill.  Okay, so maybe it was believable...:)

     This was a new park called "Middle grounds park", and you can see it was a sight for soar eyes, now that the winter thaw was behind us.

   The only two things that were stopping me from getting out and riding that day, were the scheduled meeting, and my bike... details.


But that didn't stop those geese from basking in the sun.

     So lets see if I get brave enough to trust the weatherman and take my bike outside again... or not... I see rain in the forecast...  ugh!!  I promise you soon!  but until then, I'll be back inside riding to my favorite tunes!!  Wish me luck!!

Have a great day!!


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