Friday, April 7, 2017

You know duct tape fixes everything... For now!

     Well, I'm back at it again!  I just have to figure out this pedal situation  before I attempt to ride 55 miles in the bike to the bay.  But like I told you before Where there's a will there's a way!

   My "Franken-bike" is getting closer to being ready to accommodate my crazy un-cooperative leg, but it's by no means perfected.  I was able to add weight the pedals in the back so they don't flip forward, but now I'm on to my next dilemma. 

                       Look below and notice the spikes... 

     They may not seem like a big deal to someone with normal motor function, but when your leg stops working those tiny little spikes actually trap my foot on the pedal, and in an emergency it would be impossible to free it.  

     My next brilliant idea is to eliminate the spike so I can push my foot out to the side and free it from the clamp. My pedals are made of a simple resin compound, so it would be easy enough to grind them down. However, I don't want to do anything permanent until I find out if this is in fact the solution.  

     I know duct tape is supposed to fix everything, so maybe I can tape the pedal up, giving it a smoother surface.  Granted,  The tape would eventually come off when I grind down the spikes, but you can't restore the ground  down spikes if I find out it isn't the answer.
     It's hard to believe this tiny  little role of tape has become a wonder fix for anything on earth that is broken.  If I had invented this stuff years ago, none of this would even be an issue right now.  I'm sure I would be so rich that I would be paying someone to think for me.  But since I can't rely on my massive wealth, I guess I have to utilize my brain power and figure it out for myself.  And so I will...
     Ironically, for many years, I, like many others, thought it was actually called Duck tape... well, what do you know...
     The spikes are on the back as well as the side, so I put one strip of tape side to side, and one back to front on the right side.
     Close up you can see it appears relatively smooth, though, I'm not sure how long it would be before the constant back and forth motion of my foot would peel the tape off.  But if duct tape is good, then "more duct tape" has to be better".
  It's not going anywhere now!
    Granted, this looks like "rig job" for sure, but then again, my whole life is somewhat of a "rig job"; I piece-meal one challenge after the next, just to keep my body moving.

     Check back and see how this whole duct tape situation works out.  And if it doesn't, we'll just have to figure out what will.
      And if you know me, you know I'm stubborn, and I refuse to let "can't" be any part of my vocabulary!  Trust me, we'll do this!!

Have a great day!!


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