Friday, June 2, 2017

If Fred will listen anyone will!

    It may have been to simply get me out of his hair, but Fred Lefevbre from 1370 WSPD did a great job of helping me educate his listeners about MS, and why I ride my bike 55 miles.  The photo shoot, however, took a little convincing to get him to attempt a smile.  But I wasn't giving up!

  If I was a betting girl, I would bet my life on the odds that everyone knows someone who has MS. If not themselves, a family member, friend or co worker.  I would also be willing to bet there is not one person who totally understands this crazy disease 100%.  

      I Spend countless hours on research of my own, in the hopes of being able to completely understand what my body is going through.  But I live in it, and I'm at a loss most of the time.  Though, I had to try to shed some light as I knew it.

     Fred asked plenty if questions, to which I tried to somewhat enlighten him.  And he, of all people, knows what it's like to ride countless miles in the Bike To The Bay.  He rode his bike 100 miles last year.  I can't even imagine what that felt like.

     He jokingly asked me why I insisted on correcting him when he asked about me riding 50 miles. I made sure to let him know it was, in fact, 55.  

     At this point I felt it was necessary to explain just how brutal those last five miles are to someone with one leg that doesn't work.

     finally empathetic with what I was going through, he now understood why I had to claim credit for every single mile I rode. 
     As he promised, Fred gave me my moment in the spot light, in the hopes of wrangling up a few more donations.  The out pouring of compassion was overwhelming.  My 2500.00 personal fundraising goal is actually looking achievable!

     Now getting Fred to crack a smile was still a work in progress.  But I wasn't leaving until I got even a half a smile... 

          If that bike ride is half as hard as this was, I really have my work cut out for me.  but wait... look!! Call it what you want.  It sure looks like a smile to me!
          All kidding aside, Fred is an awesome friend, and I can't thank him enough for everything he does just to help me on my mission to end MS.  And I know one day it will happen!!  

Please help us!!

Have a great day!!


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