Friday, June 16, 2017

I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be!

     The old cliche' "I'm as ready as I'll ever be" isn't actually accurate for most people.  Given a little more time most people will eventually be better prepared.

     However, for me I could ride fifteen more times between now and next week but at the end of the day my crazy body is going to do what it wants.

     Of course, my test rides will give me an idea of what to expect, but right now I can honestly say "I am as ready as I'll ever be for this ride".

        I'm aware that during the ride it's highly possible that I'll be faced with some obstacles, so these geese on the bike trail are getting me prepared.
     Now if this person wasn't feeding them right next to the path I would have missed my test.
        I managed to adjust and I was ready for the next challenge.

     We know all too well that the wind can be brutal on the ride.  By the end of my ride I could swear I was in OZ.  As the clouds came out of nowhere, the wind was soon to follow, and I felt like I was pedaling through oatmeal.  But I sucked it up because it could very well be that way next week at the bike to the bay.

     I have no idea how many more test rides I'll manage to get in before next week...
          But again, I can honestly say "I'm as ready as I'll EVER be!" As you know, this ride is all about raising money to find a cure for MS, and with only a week to go, with the help of all of my amazing friends and family... I HIT MY GOAL!! I'm now well over 2500.00!!  Thank you so much!! Now all I have to do is ride:)  Wish me luck!!

Have a great day!!


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