Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'll just keep talking

     While I was at  my appointment with my neurologist, Dr. Mohamed, I Started talking with Barb Meyer from his office, who happens to be on Reeves Northrup's team,"Team Sitting Bull" In the Bike-to-the-Bay.  I told her I planned to ride this year as well and I was also forming a committee to get sponsorships.  Once again,  she too,  was excited  to help.  I'm sure she sees a lot of the devastation caused by MS on a daily basis and it has to hit very close to home.

     Incidentally, I also told Dr. Mohamad about my plans for my bike riding adventure and expected to hear him say "good luck with that..." He actually said "Good for you! I think you should do it!"

     Then I was at Hanger Clinic and I  went on and on to my Orthotist Mike Bursztynski about my crazy idea and immediately he said "I'll ride!"  REALLY?!?! He also plans to ask his wife to join him!  At this rate, if I just keep talking I'll have the entire community in my corner!  Anything to keep me quiet.

Have a great day!


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