Monday, October 5, 2015

Crazy is learned behavior.

     If you have family; you have traditions, and it's never too late to start some new ones.

     You probably remember, last winter I went down to Fort Myers Florida to visit my cousin, who is as crazy, if not more so than I am.  When we were planning some things to do during my stay I had mentioned to him that he needed to keep in mind that my crazy legs had a mind of their own.  Keith had me covered.  He told me with what he had planed, my legs would have no choice but to cooperate.

     When I found myself 1500 feet in the sky, my legs were no longer the boss of me any more.

        On that trip I discovered a lot of ways to overcome the challenges my legs presented me with, but Keith also learned a lot about my one big passion; and that's riding my bike.

     I told him all about the "Critical Mass" ride I had done in downtown Detroit and mentioned that they do these rides in major cities all over the country.  As you can see, this ride I went on wasn't a typical stroll in the park.  It was more of a statement by eccentric cyclists raising awareness. 

     On this ride I was warned that it didn't come without some risk, and the fact that I finished it unscathed was a true victory.  Of course, I felt like I really stood out with my bright pink jacket on; though in hindsight it may have been a little too passive for this brutal inner city ride.

     I don't know if Keith didn't want to be out done by his little cuz, or he just wanted to get in on the action; but he started researching Critical Mass rides in Fort Myers.  He told me the rides down there appeared to be more of a circus atmosphere than the one up north, and when he mentioned that he was shopping for a super hero costume to wear, I just made him promise not to pull out the spandex.  After all, I didn't want him giving our family a reputation.  We already own way  too much real-estate in the nut house:)
     Look how awesome this picture is of the ride in Fort Myers; down south just might be the place to be...

   I thought I stood out at my Critical Mass ride, but check this dude out!!  Of course he only promised no spandex...

     This was certainly not like the ride I did... 

          it looked a little more like Halloween meets Christmas...

     It was different, I give you that... but at the same time it looked like a lot of fun. I guess fun comes in many different forms:)

     And I think Keith just had to prove to me that I wasn't the only one who could fly...

        Over the last few years I've tried to give in to my fears and as a result I've discovered how good my life can be. And I have to admit, my cuz definitely has no problem stepping outside the box either, as you can see... I guess it runs in the family:)

Have a great day!!


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