Friday, October 2, 2015

You can find anything if you keep your eyes open.

        You know I live for the color pink, and if it's out there I'll find it.  When I needed to replace my car I joked about getting a pink SUV. Of course that was a real stretch, but red was almost pink.

      This month being breast cancer awareness month I'm sure I'll be surrounded by pink everything!  Given the fact that I'm a survivor myself, is all the more reason to love pink:)  Though pink cars are few and far between. 

       But low and behold, A friend sent me a picture of a pink VW bug and this little car was totally adorable!  But how would I have fit my bike in it??  


And then another friend sent me this picture! 

     Of course, I already had my red SUV.  Though it is good to know my friends are looking out for me:)

          I was very happy with my choice to get red, but I still wondered if a pink SUV even existed... I've never seen one; so they probably don't.

     The other day as I was stopped at a red light I looked over to my left; hiding behind a pole looked like a pink SUV.  My eyes must have been playing tricks on me.
         But it was for real!  Of course you would never believe me if I told you, and the light seemed to stay red forever, so I just had to get proof.  I zoomed all the way in and here is my proof that they really do exist! 
     This SUV was definitely too big for me, but it was still cool to actually see it.  Who knows, maybe next time...  Of course you know I'm just kidding:)  (or am I??)

     Perfection never comes easy, but as you can see, if you just keep your eyes open you will always find what you're looking for... and you'll know it when you see it:)

Have a great weekend!!



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