Friday, October 9, 2015

Is there really such a thing as too much of a good thing?

     Believe it or not, I started blogging exactly two years ago, and the main reason was to try to promote the Bike To The Bay, and try to build "Team Leapfrog".

     My friend who helped me create the blog suggested I post something three set days a week at first to get people familiar with my blog; so that's what I did.

     But this blog didn't just promote the Bike To The Bay; it built my confidence and it also pushed me to do some crazy things just to have a story. Okay, you know I never lack for words, but I love adding pictures to my stories, and you can't have pictures of a rock (well you could, but it wouldn't be very interesting).

     I started surprising myself by the things I would have never imagined doing if I didn't need something to blog about. For starters, getting back out on my bike again...

  Then riding in the Bike To The Bay, and getting some pretty awesome friends to join my team:)

But wait there's more...

     Incidentally, this past year being our second year, we had 37 riders and raised close to 16 thousand dollars; pretty amazing huh!?!  We even had sponsors and were able to get real jerseys!


     I might have never taken a ride on my brother's Harley if I wasn't looking for a story...

     Or drove his snow mobile myself at over 50 Miles an hour, when I don't even like to walk outside when it's freezing.
     And who would ever agree to have their picture taken looking like a ninja dork if not for the story:)
     I learned that I'm braver than I gave myself credit for, and nothing was going to stop me!

   And let's not forget, I managed to worm my way onto Fred Lefevbre's Radio show (several times) and why would he have me on if I had nothing to talk about... yeah, like that would happen:)

     If it wasn't for needing something to blog about I may not have forced myself to ride over the Craig Street bridge in downtown Toledo and I would have missed this amazing sun rise.

     And if I didn't need a story, I might have told my cousin he's crazy when he told me I was going to hang-glide 1500 feet up in the sky (of course he wasn't taking no for an answer either way... And for the record, he is crazy!)

     And parasailing?! What?!?! Yep:)

     This colony of deer would have never met me if I hadn't stumbled upon them in a cemetery while looking for Side Cut Park with my mom.

        And why would I even think about learning to fix my own bike if not to tell you about it... (maybe so I knew how to do it??)

     And a golf outing to raise money for MS... well of course!! More pictures!!
   To date I've written 322 posts!  But as the summer comes to an end I sometimes find it a bit of a challenge to find interesting stories along with pictures three days a week; not that my life isn't interesting:)

    I absolutely love to write and I've had a dream for quite some time to write a book; though with all the posts I've written and over 60 stories before them I would say I've written more than a book; and the royalties are paid in the form of awesome friends who humor me by reading them:) 

    But a wise man once said "Too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good".  So I've decided focusing on one interesting or crazy thing a week is a great idea:) Of course if something else wacky or amazing happens I just may sneak a second one in...  You know I never miss a chance for a good story:) So until next week...:)

Have a great weekend!!


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