Friday, October 16, 2015

The perfect birthday gift is always a gamble.

     My son, Matt's birthday was last week and as a mom all I could think of was that I needed to find a way to make his birthday memorable.  

     However, finding the perfect birthday gift sometimes feels like looking for a needle in a haystack;  you can guess and second guess, but you still wonder if you found the one thing that makes the most sense. I personally couldn't care less about the gift it's self on my birthday.

     The thing is, there is a lot of truth behind the old saying "it's the thought that counts".  All anyone really wants is to be remembered, so the material gift will never be the "perfect gift" if there is no thought behind it.

     I know moms and sons don't usually have a lot in common, and I truly believe that the gift of time is the most valuable.  

     Over the past few years our tradition has been to hit the Hollywood casino and just make a night of it.  And what better present than feeding the machines with someone else's money:)

     Matt's buddy, Austin who also happens to be a video fanatic like Matt, came along and it was a win/win all around.  
     I discovered that Wednesdays were the best day to eat at the sports bar because if the others weren't gambling, they were at the highly discounted buffet for senior day.
     This TV screen must prove the theory that bigger is better, because even though we could see the three "big screen" TVs below just fine, the Mammoth screen was where all eyes were.  

     And of course I was in heaven because they were promoting breast cancer awareness month; there were pink balloons everywhere:)

     Don't ask me how but even our faces were pink...

     And a huge establishment filled with slots; Matt was as happy as a pig in mud.  
         I remember years ago being at a casino in Vegas and an elderly lady was playing the penny slots, and I started watching her rather than plunking my own money in a machine.  She quickly reprimanded me and asked me to leave because it's bad luck to watch someone gamble... Hmm...
       Matt must not be superstitious:)

      I'm not sure if the casino night was more for Matt or me, but I know I always love the thrill of just being there.  

          And to those who question what's so special about a birthday anyway... I say nothing; every day is special...  Birthdays are just our reminder:)

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Fun birthday! I don't think someone watching you gamble is bad luck. I actually think it's good luck because it makes you strike up conversation and not ut the money in th machine. ;) But that's just me.


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