Friday, September 23, 2016

Bike trails are for bikes; but the parks are owned by wild life.

          I love a good "rail trail", aka trails created from former railroad tracks, but for some reason, as high as the deer population has become, I never see any on the bike trails.  And while most people view deer as being a nuisance, I get as giddy as a 6 year old every time I see one.

     Several of my riding buddies and I went on an early morning bike ride to the University Parks trail, and though this trail is only 14 miles there and back, it's one of the smoothest trails in the area.

       By this point in time in the biking season, the trees have certainly turned the trails into a forest.  It's hard to believe we're actually riding through towns; with houses and traffic all around us.

     But it soon becomes apparent that we're sharing the space with urbanization.

     However, as we took a brief side trip through Wildwood park, we saw this cute little bunny waiting to greet us (that or he was trying to figure out how to make his fast get away...).

        I'm torn between which I enjoy more; the straight shot of a bike trail, or the beauty inside a park.  This day we got to experience both.

          This is a far cry from a bike trail; and look closely...
        Yes!! Bambi is out for an early morning walk.

     This may look like a deer in the headlights, but this deer owned this place, and we were only visitors.

     He had no problem posing for me to take his picture, before he gracefully wandered off.

     So the next time you get irritated by the over population of these beautiful creatures, just remember, we're in their home too:)

Have a great day!!


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