Friday, September 30, 2016

My grand babies are all the wild life I need:)


     If you remember, last week I blogged about all of the wild life I saw at Wildwood park while I was on my bike ride.  But I discovered that my favorite wild life can't be found on a bike ride;  It's my cute little grand babies:)

     Play grounds sure have come a long way from those metal framed swing sets from my childhood, a million years ago.  William had no idea what those days were like, but he was definitely having a good time on  this modern day wonderland at Wildwood park.

     Of course, then there's Conner, who seems to be quite content to kick back while his mom runs in a circle in the attempt to make this manual merry-go-round put a smile on his face.

          The picture below will tell you William was in no way anxious to leave.

     Remember the old tire swing??

     I'm sure someone got paid a hefty fee for designing this contraption, while there are perfectly good tires sitting in some land fill, somewhere:)

     And that chill time, however relaxing, was short lived, when Conner realized there was a lot more area to explore, and it certainly wasn't coming to him.
     As happy as William is to hang out at home in his underpants, going to the park is one time he'll actually make the effort to suit up:)

     I'm not sure if Conner was posing for the photo, or trying to figure out what to do now that he finally made his way to the top of this jungle gym.

     And tell me there isn't some brilliant person sitting somewhere saying "I can't believe I got rich off of inventing a mom and baby swing"; but I sure wish they came up with it when my kids were little.

        I won't lie, I love riding my bike through this park, but then again, I'll take these little cuties over a bike ride any day!!

Have a great day!!


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